eminem live with drake perform forever in detroit

Drake Brings Eminem Live on Stage in Detroit to Perform “Forever” (Video)

Eminem and Drake have been hot topics in the past few weeks when the thirsty media lead the fan groups to believe that Drake is calling out Eminem to rap battle him. Knowing Eminem’s history in underground rap battles, fans ripped out at Drake for trying to make this career kill. However, neither party got on board with the heated debate that took on the Internet.

After about a week of online debate, it was clear that Eminem’s camp had more believers and Drake had already lost without even battling. However, respect to both artists for not getting carried away by the stupid pranks of the media. The media came out after a week or so and revealed that there was no truth behind Drake calling out Eminem. It was something they had made up and the Internet ran with it. We are thirsty fans! It was my belief that even if Drake does call out Eminem, he wouldn’t follow up considering he’s too tired of all the feuds and battles.

Memes that spur out due to an alleged rap battle between Drake and Eminem
Memes that spur out due to an alleged rap battle between Drake and Eminem

Drake Brings out Eminem in Detroit and Bows Down to the ‘Greatest Rapper Ever’

Drake disproved all signs of feuds between the two artists when tonight Drake brought our Eminem on stage to surprise the fans. The fans went wild and Drake bowed down to the Rap God showing his utmost respect for the legend. Watch the video below.

It was the Detroit concert of Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour and that just happened!

we can hear Drake saying;

“Detroit, make some noise, for the greatest rapper that get on the microphone…”

Eminem pays his tributes to Drake as well saying “it’s an honor to share the stage with this man…”

It was all love and respect between the two artists and it was a refreshing change of pace in the Hip Hop industry.

Eminem Performs “Forever” Live with Drake in Detroit

After showing their respects for each other, Drake and Eminem performed “Forever” for an ecstatic crowd. The video we have is of less quality. Stay in tuned for better version.

It takes a lot of courage and sincerity to admit that you’re not the greatest and we should give props to Drake for being the gentleman. Although we would have loved some heated lyrics from Eminem and Drake, peace is much more valuable.

Hail to both the rappers for making it work and slapping the thirsty media in it’s face. Keep doing the good work. Both still have a long way to go.

Update: HQ Pictures of Eminem Performing at Drake’s Concert

HQ Photos from Eminem’s Performance at Drake’s Concert on 17/08/2016

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