skylar grey come up for air music video

Skylar Grey Premiers “Come Up For Air” Music Video

Skylar Grey released her latest single “Come Up For Air” from her upcoming album two days ago. We reviewed the lyrics of the song as it was quite unique for Skylar Grey. And also because the track was produced by Eminem. The buzz is that there will be two more tracks produced by Eminem and one track on which Marshall will feature. So ‘Natural Causes’ album by Skylar Grey has already sparked quite the controversy.

Watch “Come Up For Air” Video

The song and the visuals are unlike other tracks by Skylar Grey-which are usually loud, fast paced and explicit lyrics. However, “Come Up For Air” has a soothing tune and nice calming visuals to support.

The song speaks about a post-breakup situation and how the woman is waiting for her lover to return. In the music video we can see Skylar Grey basically turn into stone overgrown with foliage. The video was directed by Daniel Carberry.

We can see Eminem’s influence in the video as Skylar Grey wear a white G-Shock wristwatch. A brand worn by Eminem a lot.

You can pre-order ‘Natural Causes’ album on iTunes and Amazon.

The album is due on September 23rd.

In the meantime let us know what you think about “Come Up For Air” song and video by Skylar Grey. How high are your hopes for this album?

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