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The Weeknd Announces New Album ‘Starboy’ and Release First Single

‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ by The Weeknd was such a huge sensation that the fans have been eagerly waiting for new music. And with the unveiling of the new album ‘Starboy’ we do know that The Weeknd has been keeping himself busy. Because the upcoming album is a staggering 18 tracks long according to iTunes track listing.

The Weeknd announced the title and album artwork of the upcoming album today. He took to Twitter to make the announcement.

The album cover looks as if it is trying to show The Weeknd in an alien lighting which could be in reference to the title ‘Starboy.’ I cannot help but wonder if this was inspired by ‘Starman’ by the late great David Bowie, but that’s something to be thought when the actual album is out.

The Weekend did not announce an album release date, but iTunes says the album is due on November 25, 2016.

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Of the 18 tracks listed on the album, one more track title has been disclosed by iTunes. The third song on the tracklisting is titled “False Alarm” and it is likely that this will be released as the second single off of the album.

The Weeknd Releases First Single ‘Starboy’ of New Album

Just a few hours into the unveiling of the album artwork and the title, The Weeknd went on to release the first track and the first single of the album, also titled ‘Starboy.’ The better part is that Daft Punk features on this track. You can listen to a preview of the new track below.

The Weekend sings;

Look what you’ve done

I’m a motherfuckin’ Starboy,

Addition of Daft Punk’s electric beats gives a new outlook to The Weeknd’s music and we can dig it.

We can already sense some good music coming along our way. It’s going to be a good year end, with Shawn Mendes’s ‘Illuminate‘ just around the corner and Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne‘ also due in October.

What are your expectations for ‘Starboy’ album by The Weeknd? Did the first single live up to the hype? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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