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Shawn Mendes Premiers “Ruin” Single from ‘Illuminate’ Album (Review)

Shawn Mendes is preparing for the release of his newest album ‘Illuminate’ due in September 2016. We have already witnessed the first single off the album “Treat You Better” which was definitely a treat to our ears. Today the second single was officially released and it’s so good. “Ruin” takes the form of an emotional ballad that tells the story of a ruined relationship.

Shawn Mendes's upcoming album 'Illuminate' album cover
Shawn Mendes’s upcoming album ‘Illuminate’ album cover

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“Ruin” is a pretty straightforward song by Shawn Mendes, but we will look into some good lyrics from the track.

Do ya?
Do you think about me?
And do , ya
Do you feel the same way, babe?
And do, ya
Do you remember how we felt, baby?
‘Cause I do, so listen to me, baby

The singer has not moved away from their broken relationship. Shawn Mendes questions her (or rather himself) wondering if she thinks about him. Breakups are not easy because until time heals you, there will be torrents of flashbacks and trips down an ugly memory lane, of only the good times you had with her.

And I’m not tryina ruin your happiness,
But darling don’t you know that
I’m the only one for ya
And I’m not tryina ruin your happiness, baby
But darling don’t you know that
I’m the only one,

She has probably moved on now, but he sure hasn’t. Shawn Mendes says he is not trying to ruin whatever peace she has found after their breakup. He just feels lonely and wants her back. He still believes he is still The One for her.

And do, ya
Do you think about me at all?
And do, you
Do you feel the same way? Oh Tell me, baby
And do, ya
Do you remember how we felt?
‘Cause I do, so listen to me, now
Woah oh ooh ooh

Shawn Mendes wonders if she thinks about him the way he constantly wonders about her. It’s the small things that hits your the hardest-the touch of her hands, the way she smiles, the innocence and so on.

Do I ever cross your mind, baby?
Do I ever cross your mind?
Do I ever cross your mind?
Do I ever cross your mind?
Woah, oh, oh

“Ruin” is a cry for some peace of mind for Shawn Mendes. It bothers him not to know that if she is feeling the same way as he does. That’s his yardstick.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the singer wants to get back with her. He is insecure abut him that he will fail at the relationship once again-hence the phrase “I’m not trying to ruin your happiness..”

Shawn Mendes plays some soothing guitar solos in between verses of “Ruin” and takes us to a whole other level.

We are quite excited about ‘Illuminate’ album knowing what’s in store for us based on the two singles released. What are your thoughts on “Ruin” and the upcoming album?

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