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Shawn Mendes Premiers “Mercy” Music Video Ahead of Album Release

Last month Shawn Mendes released “Mercy” track and we knew it was going to be a hit. The moody melody encapsulated with some enchanting lyrics and amazing vocal work by Shawn Mendes was a sure win among the fans. Today, we have the music video for “Mercy” single and as advertised by the single artwork, we can see Shawn Mendes drowning inside a locked car.

Watch “Mercy” Music Video by Shawn Mendes

But that’s not all of it, we can see Shawn Mendes playing the keyboard and the guitar in a dim-lit studio. When he drowns in the other scenario, the music intensifies in the song. At the peak of the track Shawn Mendes smashes his guitar on the floor which symbolizes breaking from the shackles that has been making him beg for mercy all throughout. Incidentally he is able to break the window of the car he is trapped in and surfaces to get a breath of fresh air.

The music video is in perfect sync with the lyrics and the overall theme of the song, which makes it a rare kind.

Shawn Mendes’ sophomore studio album ‘Illuminate’ is due tomorrow (23rd September). If you haven’t made the pre-order already, make sure you do, because you won’t regret it.

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