ed sheeran castle on the hill music video review

Ed Sheeran Throws Back to Childhood in “Castle On The Hill” Music Video (Review)

Ed Sheeran premiered two tracks from his upcoming album ‘Divide‘ a few weeks ago and 2017 has never been the same since. “Shape Of You” was kind of a romance track and “Castle On The Hill” was a major throwback to his childhood growing up in UK. Both the songs were instant hits and “Shape Of You” debuted at 1 and “Castle On The Hill” debuted at 2 position on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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It was pretty obvious that both the songs were getting music videos due to the popularity of them. Today, Ed Sheeran shared “Castle On The Hill” video on his Facebook page. It is everything that we expected from the video, as it has captured the essence of the lyrics of the song to the last detail.

Watch “Castle On The Hill” Music Video by Ed Sheeran

The video has everything sung in the song; from running down the hill, hanging out with friends, having a booze and a smoke, first kiss, watching the sunset and even Ed Sheeran speeding home at 90 miles per hour.

Ed Sheeran used an almost-doppelganger in the video to portray the younger himself. This is what Ed Sheeran (jokingly) had to say about him.

Sharing the official music video Ed Sheeran captioned;

“Loved filming this in Fram All these kids are actually from my high school! Go watch it & share it far and wide x…”

And that is exactly what we shall do. Rape the repeat button on the video and share it as much as you can.

You can download “Castle On The Hill” track on iTunes and Amazon. Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘Divide’ is out on March 03 and you can pre-order the deluxe edition now on iTunes and Amazon.

Undoubtedly ‘Divide’ is going to be an amazing album and we can’t wait for at least one more promotional track from the album before the release date.

Watch “Castle On The Hill” video repeatedly and let us know what relates most about this video to you.

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