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New Music: “Running Back” by Wale Featuring Lil Wayne (Review)

While we patiently wait for Tha Carter V album, Lil Wayne has collaborated with Wale to produce another killer track. “Running Back” is to be found on Wale’s upcoming studio album ‘SHINE’ which is to be released early 2017. The new track has both the MCs delivering some fire lines.

My chick is on Tumblr
B***h, y’all need a tummy suck
Since Jesus and Nazareth
The realest you’ve come across
I be with killers just coming home
They only hope is me and the Quran
They only wish is for that new chain
But they stuck up in the ankle bracelet

“Running Back” is upbeat, catchy and has some fire in it’s lyrics. Despite that, the song has some deeper meaning if you try to put together it by sentence to sentence.

Listen to “Running Back” by Wale Ft. Lil Wayne

You can download “Running Back” on iTunes and Amazon.

Lil Wayne’s familiar voice joins in on the track from the second verse.

These girls want money stacks
I want a hundred stacks
These girls selling their soul
I want my money back
She bouncing like jumping jacks
But she got a funny back
Look what the booty shots under that
That girl need her money back
I like the finer things

Wale and Lil Wayne are both on top shape in this track and we can only hope the form continues on Wale’s ‘SHINE’ album and Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V.’

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