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Listen to Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean & Migos Collab “Slide” (Lyrics Review)

Calvin Harris has been teasing on this new track for quite sometime and it’s finally here. “Slide” comes as a trio-collab by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos. This very slick and groovy track is now available on iTunes for purchase.

Last year Calvin Harris collaborated with Rihanna to produce the Billboard #1 single “This Is What You Came For” written by Taylor Swift. And this year, Calvin has promised us more music despite an album release. So “Slide” is just the first of many to come.

Preview “Slide” by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos

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“Slide” talks about girls who sneak into other people’s lives just for temporary comforts. The song meaning is vaguely conveyed and that’s what make it special as well.

Intro is done by Frank Ocean;

I might empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might, I might

The singer is willing to spend every dime he has on this ‘boy’ for even null and void stuff like a wooden pipe. Wooden pipes are quite outdated, but if the requirement rises up, the singer is willing to crash his bank to make them happy.

The chorus is also done by Frank Ocean;

Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the slide
Whatever comes, comes too clear-//

“Slide” as a slang refers to engaging in sexual acts with different people without getting attached-basically casual hookups. So the singer is wondering how many sleepovers she has and how often she does that? It surely bothers him-maybe he is in love.

The singer wants some clarification on the above questions, because no matter the answers he has to face, he has to know. He has to shed some light into these mysteries that bothers him.

Verse 1 of “Slide” is done by Frank Ocean;

All this jewelry ain’t no use when it’s this dark
This my favorite part, we see the lights, they cut so far
It went too fast, we couldn’t reach it with our arm
Wrist on the wrist, a link of charms, yeah

Jewelry does not serve it’s purpose when it’s dark around. It needs a light source to illuminate. The singer implies that no matter what jewelry she is wearing they are of no use when she gets into the bed with a stranger at night.

When the lights are back on (maybe in the room), only then they see who they have slept with last night. Then everything gets real so fast and the reality cuts deep.

‘Wrist on wrist’ is a reference to expensive watches Frank Ocean wears and ‘link of charms’ are jewelry that he wears that usually attract women because the jewelry protrude wealth.

Verse 2 is done by Quavo of Migos;

Put that spotlight on her face (spotlight)
Put that spotlight on her face (ah, yeah)
We gon’ pipe up and turn up (pipe up)
We gon’ light up and burn up (burn up)
Mama too hot like a (like what?)
Mama too hot like a furnace (furnace)
I got a hundred G’s in my Goyard (G’s)
My diamonds gon’ shine when the lights dark (shine)
You and I’ll take a ride down the boulevard (yeah)
And your friends really wanna break us apart
Good lord

Quavo’s verse adds up on to what Frank Ocean has been saying so far in “Slide.” He wants a spotlight on her face to recognize the real her. Then he goes on to boast about a Goyard product (expensive travel bags and leather goods) and his expensive jewelry. These fashion statements allow Quvo to have pretty much any girl he wants.

Offset of Migos performs the verse 3;

Good gracious
Starin’ at my diamonds while I’m hoppin’ out the spaceship
Need your information, take vacation to Malaysia
You my baby, the paparazzi flashin’ crazy

Offset is not thrifty in spending for this women. He sees her staring at his jewelry and he knows there’s only one thing she is after. So he asks for her personal information for a trip to Malaysia. She probably enjoys the lime light as well, as suggested by the last line above.

She swallowed the bottle while I sit back and smoke gelato
Walk in my mansion, twenty thousand paintings, Picasso
Bitch’ll be dippin’, dabbin’ with niggas like a nacho
Took off her panties, diamonds dancin’ like Rick Ricardo

Offset goes on about his lavish lifestyle in “Slide” lyrics. The women downed a whole bottle while he had some expensive ice cream. He talks about his expensive mansion filled with tapestries and paintings by the world’s best. Diamonds dancing on his hands leads to women losing their panties in the night. Rick Ricardo was a Television actor known for his role in I Love Lucy, on which he played the role of a leader of a band who got the spotlight everytime he was performing.

She havin’ it
When they call her workin’ on The Bachelor
I know you got a past, I got a past, that’s in the back of us
Average, I’ma make a million on the average
I’m ridin’ with no brain, bitch I’m out of it

Continuing from the previous lyrics, Offset finds these women falling easily for luxuries. The most of a job she had was working on The Bachelor-a TV show about finding an ultimate life partner.

Everybody’s got a past-but the beautiful thing about the past is that it has already happened and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s better to move on. Offset brags about how much money he makes-a million in average.

Frank Ocean jumps back on “Slide” for a round of the chorus and the intro (outro) for the song and a pretty impressive piece of music comes to an end.

Calvin Harris’ contribution to the song cannot be overlooked as the music on the track is smooth and funky to suit the theme and vocals of the guest artists. It is said that Calvin plays around 8 different instruments on his own to procude music to “Slide.” That’s very impressive.

Hope you all love this song as much as we do. If you do, make sure to leave a comment about the song or your favorite lyrics. If you have different interpretations of the lyrics, do lets us know.

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