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Listen to the Stoner Remix of “Closer” by Wiz Khalifa (Lyrics)

“Closer” has been one of the longest reigning Billboard Hot 100 tracks and naturally it has spawned numerous covers. Wiz Khalifa also took a gamble at the “Closer” track and he remixed the lyrics of the song the way he knows best-he stoned it! The rapper changed the lyrics of the song to make it all about weed and smoking.

Wiz Khalifa released his remix of “Closer” on his Taylor Gang SoundCloud profile. He even got a new cover art for his remix which includes him touching skin with a topless woman.

Listen to “Closer” Remix by Wiz Khalifa

The remix starts off with the original verse by Andrew Taggart and Wiz Khalifa takes over with his own lyrics from the pre-chorus.

I know it breaks your heart, that I only smoke papers, I don’t smoke ‘gars babe
I’m at an old school bar taking drink to the face, so we both go far
And I-I-I can’t stop
Let’s get high we can’t stop

After the chorus of the song, Wiz Khalifa joins back in for a fresh rap verse which goes like;

Khalifa man, I’m fresh off of the plane
Been smoking so long I got my own string
Roll up a joint and take it to the brain
Say you can’t hide, but now you speaking my own language
Left with me as soon as we came
Spoke some bullshit, she’ll never do it again
Try anything, she’ll never do it again
Fuck Khalifa man, ’cause you’ll never do it again

Wiz Khalifa is known to a lover of his weed and most of his songs bare witness for that. He says that he has been smoking up for so long that he got a string of weed named after him. Do not know of the authenticity of this information.

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