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Feel The “Thunder” with this Epic New Single by Imagine Dragons (Lyrics Review)

Imagine Dragons just released a brand new single and it just hits the spot. The track has been titled “Thunder” and it is the second single off of their upcoming album ‘ID3.’ This new release follows the first single “Believer” which was released in early January 2017.

“Thunder” is about not conforming to societal norms and standing up to what he believes. Inspiration for this song may have been drawn from a personal experience. The song goes on to say how the society crushes us to being followers and restricted thinkers and he wants to break free.

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Let’s get into some lyrics of the song.

Verse 1

Just a young gun with a quick fuse
I was uptight, wanna let loose
I was dreaming of bigger things
And wanna leave my own life behind

The singer speaks about his youth when he wanted to do things on his own free will and the society kept pushing him down. He was angry and uptight, wanting let loose. He had bigger dreams in his small town and we later on realize that townsfolk laughed at his dreams.

Not a yes sir, not a follower
Fit the box, fit the mold
Have a seat in the foyer, take a number
I was lightning before the thunder

The singer says he wasn’t so much in to bending his head and following blindly. The society made them fit into the box or the mould of the society and I believe he escaped the mould. Maybe that is why Imagine Dragon’s music feels so fresh and unique.

The singer says he was sparking up his light before he tried to roar.

The refrain and chorus of “Thunder” is a repetition of the title of the song in a pretty unique combination of vocals.

Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning and the thunder

Verse 2

Kids were laughing in my classes
While I was scheming for the masses
Who do you think you are?
Dreaming ’bout being a big star

Dan Reynolds says how his townsfolk laughed at his dreams. Even the kids in his school made fun of him when he was dreaming of making a change to mass crowds. Now that they have become what they are, Imagine Dragons is really moving mountains. So do not let your childhood demons haunt you forever. At some point you just have to shrug them off and follow your dreams.

You say you’re basic, you say you’re easy
You’re always riding in the back seat
Now I’m smiling from the stage while
You were clapping in the nose bleeds

The ones who made fun at them in the childhood are now attending their concerts. That is probably the biggest win they have achieved as a band.

“Nose bleed” seats are those that are closest to the stage that you possibly get a nose bleed from looking so high up to see the performance on the stage.

“Thunder” leaves us with some valuable insight. Do not let anyone stand in the path of your dreams-not even something as big as the society. Try for it and one day you will achieve it.

Beautiful song and lyrics by Imagine Dragons again and we cannot wait for the album release.

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7 thoughts on “Feel The “Thunder” with this Epic New Single by Imagine Dragons (Lyrics Review)

  1. Nose bleed seats are furthest to the back. It’s a reference to how high in the sky you are. They are usually the cheapest seats. So by saying nose bleed seats. It’s referring to how rich he is and how well he’s doing. Compared to the ones who laughed at him that can only afford the cheapest seat. Btw. It’s an exaggeration, Calling it nose bleed seat as it is very rare that lack of atmosphere would make u nose bleed from that far away, tho the Vid shows a sheep flying in the sky at around that moment

      1. He’s basically saying. “None of you believed in me when I told you my dreams while you were sitting right by me in our classes, but now you’re at my shows and you like me but now you have to sit far away to see me, and I actually did make it.”

        1. more like.. I’ve made it and you are watching me from the cheapest seats in the house . Which means two things 1) I didn’t get you tickets 2) you cant afford good seats

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