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Cinematic Video for “Regret In Your Tears” by Nicki Minaj is Quite Explicit

Nicki Minaj’s favorite audio track was released as a music video on May 01st as a Tidal exclusive release and much like her other videos, “Regret In Your Tears” visuals too are quite explicit. That being said, the music video contains some stunning scenery and shots. Kudos to Mert Alaş and Marcus Piggott for this cinematic music video.

“Regret In Your Tears” track is essentially about a post-breakup situation where the singer is moving on and the other is realizing the mistake they did.The lyrics are quite crafty and the meaning is well thought after.

Watch “Regret In Your Tears” Music Video on Tidal


The video features Nicki Minaj in sexy lingerie getting intimate with her partner who is completely naked for some reason.

Nicki Minaj in
Nicki Minaj in “Regret In Your Tears” music video. Pic credits:

Regret in your tears, now you taste ’em
‘Cause you know I don’t chase, I replace ’em
Don’t rush, take time, take some
I just want the memories, tried to make some with you
Now I gotta erase some with you

Nicki Minaj waves at some bondage conversation with her being tied up in some rope around her chest area.

Quite stunning scenes from the video include Nicki Minaj being drowned up to face in blue water as she keeps a straight face and performs the song. The backgrounds are a beautiful sight.

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