Listen to New Single “No Vacancy” by OneRepublic (Lyrics Review)

OneRepublic is making a come back in the music arena and this is their first single release in 2017. End of last year the group released a single “Kids” and “No Vacancy” is their second attempt. The song speaks about how the singer has no space left in him for another girl now that his dream girl is already in his life. It’s a sweet song with simple lyrics.

There is no news of an album in the makes after their successful ‘Oh My My’ album back in 2016. However, singles only mean that something is cooking behind the curtains. So fingers crossed.

Watch Lyric Video for “No Vacancy” by OneRepublic

I used to leave the doors unlocked and leave the lights on
I used to stay awake, just counting hours all night long
I had so many empty rooms inside this chateau
Yeah, oh yeah
I’m done with sharing space with people that I don’t know
Trading pieces of my heart til I feel shallow
I had so many empty rooms inside this chateau, oh

The song basically speaks about how content the singer is with his current relationship. He needs no other or can’t even fit in other escapades in his life because she fulfills all his needs. This girl has literally made an honest man out of the singer.

While “No Vacancy” is sweet and touching, we are expecting more lyrically and musically advanced tracks from OneRepublic-the way we used to know the group back in the days.

However, let us know what you think about this new song and what are your future expectations for this amazing band.

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