eminem 2017 rap places to go by 50 cent wish happy birthday

Eminem Raps “Places To Go” by 50 Cent to Wish Him a Happy Birthday!

Eminem doesn’t usually come out of his seclusion in his mansion in Detroit. But when he does, it is for some major reason and this time it was for one of his best and oldest friends in music-50 Cent. The G-Unit head, 50 Cent or Curtis James Jackson III, celebrated his 42nd birthday on July 6, 2017. Eminem got all warmed up for his birthday and released a small video of him rapping a verse from “Places To Go” by 50 Cent.

“Places To Go” appears in the soundtrack for 8 Mile movie, which is allegedly based on Eminem’s life story. 8 Mile movie soundtrack is very tightly bonded with Em’s life as he won an Oscar in Best Original Song category for “Lose Yourself” from the same soundtrack.

Starting the video Eminem smashes his hands together and goes “Yo Fif, first off I wanna say happy birthday. Secondly, I wanna remind you with a verse you did that made me wanna quit rapping…” Then he goes on to superhuman form to rap the second verse of “Places To Go.”

Picture a perfect picture, picture me in a pimp hat
Picture me starting shit, picture me busting my gat
Picture police mad, they ain’t got a picture of that
Picture me being broke, picture me smoking a stack
Picture me coming up, picture me rich from rap
Picture me blowing up, now picture me going back
To my momma basement to live, shit, picture that
Where I’m from it’s a fact, you gotta watch your back
You wear a vest without a gat, you’s a target, Jack
Hustle hard, money stack, sell that dope, sell that crack
Sell that pack, sell that gat, sell that pussy, holla back
50 Cent, too much Henny, man, I’m bent, I’m outta here

Watch Eminem Rap a Verse from “Places To Go” by 50 Cent

You can buy the track on iTunes or Amazon if you are interested. Or a better deal would be to get your hands on the 8 Mile Soundtrack.

Anyway, it is good to see Eminem even in a small video doing what he loves doing most.

There are fumes of rumors about a new Eminem album in the working, but there is no hard evidence to prove anything as of yet. He loves his privacy and that is how it shall remain, until the Rap God decides otherwise.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish a happy 42nd birthday to Curtis Jackson III AKA 50 Cent.

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