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Shawn Mendes Covers “Castle On The Hill” Live at Capitals Summertime Ball

Shawn Mendes went on stage at the Capitals Summertime Ball and performed some of his latest hits live on stage. For our pleasant surprise he also performed a verse from “Castle On The Hill” by Ed Sheeran. “Castle On The Hill” appears in Ed Sheeran’s latest album ‘X’ and Shawn went on to perform an acoustic version of the first verse of the song. It was quite brilliant. We think Ed Sheeran would be pleased with this performance.

Shawn Mendes also performed “Treat You Better” along with the above track and the crowd joined with him. He even let the fans sing for a while. Every fan in the audience seemed to be singing all the songs along with Shawn Mendes.

Watch Shawn Mendes Cover “Castle On The Hill” Live

Shawn Mendes did not just stop from the cover and his single as he went on to perform “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back,” “Stitches,” “Mercy” and “Ruin” live on Capitals Summertime Ball. Watch some of the performances below.

The fans seemed to be really enjoying all of his latest singles as well as the throwback “Stitches.”

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