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Watch Coldplay Perform “A Sky Full Of Stars” Live with Shakira

Coldplay has had some major songs throughout their career and “A Sky Full Of Stars” from 2014 album ‘Ghost Stories’ really does stand out from the rest. Coldplay at their best would be a good synonym for this song. Since 2014, the song has won the hearts of many and a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance in 2015. So naturally, the song has become immortal.

Coldplay performed “A Sky Full Of Stars” at Global Citizen Festival of 2017 in Hamburg, Germany and the twist is the performance was a duet. It was none other than Shakira who joined Coldplay to perform this epic ballad.

Watch Coldplay and Shakira Perform “A Sky Full Of Stars” Live

Chris Martin also performed another Coldplay hit “Yellow” and Shakira performed “Chantaje” and “Me Enamoré.”

“In the spirit of Global Citizen, which is about bringing everybody together, sometimes bringing people who shouldn’t really fit together together, now we’re gonna try something musical which could be a disaster or could be amazing,” Chris Martin told the crowd before his performance went live.

And as you can see for yourself, it went quite amazing. Granted the two pitches went off sometimes, but Chris Martin held his end of the deal. It was two worlds coming together.

Watch Coldplay Perform “Yellow” at Global Citizen Festival 2017

What do you think about these performances? We think Coldplay has still got it and quite improving with age too.

If you would like to pen down some words about these performances or the artists, use the comments section below.

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