liam payne strip that down live capitals summertime ball 2017

Liam Payne Performs “Strip That Down” Live at Capitals Summertime Ball 2017

Liam Payne is having some major success after leaving 1D and his debut solo single “Strip That Down” being a chart topper worldwide. So it was no surprise that he got his turn at Capitals Summertime Ball 2017 and we would say he made the maximum out of it. Whilst artists like Shawn Mendes performed solo, Liam Payne got down some backup dancers to perform some sexy moves. They did justice to the song.

The Wembley Stadium was packed during the Capitals Summertime Ball and Liam Payne did not break a sweat performing his song. Sources inform that the stadium carried a crowd of over 80,000 people. So, kudos for holding his nerves together.

Watch Liam Payne Perform “Strip That Down” Live

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, strip that down, girl
Love when you hit the ground, girl
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, strip that down, girl
Love, when you hit the ground

The entire performance was filled with energy and the fans seemed to keeping up with the pace-singing and dancing. Liam Payne sang over the track being played in the background, so we do get to hear the lyrics by Quavo as well.

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