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Taylor Swift Wins Sexual Assault/Groping Trial Against David Mueller

Following six days in court, a decision has been come to in the Taylor Swift groping trial. On Monday (August 14), a jury of six ladies and two men collectively chose that former radio DJ David Mueller groped Taylor’s butt at a meet-and-welcome in June 2013, when posing for a picture.

taylor swift groping trial
Alleged evidence showing David Mueller groping Taylor Swift’s behind when posing for the picture. Credits: TMZ

Swift is being granted $1: a representative whole intended to pass on that her claim was never about cash and was planned to be “an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts.” This is a huge win for Taylor Swift as well as anyone who has ever been wronged.

David Mueller too brought up a case against Taylor Swift for defamation of character and eventually making him lose his job and credibility. The judge had beforehand hurled out a segment of Mueller’s case, saying he neglected to demonstrate that Swift by and by proposed to have him terminated when she announced the episode to his managers. Mueller likewise blamed Swift’s mom, Andrea Swift, and her radio contact Frank Bell of expecting to have him let go. The jury found that they didn’t.

The groping trial of Taylor Swift lasted 6 days of which Taylor was not seen to the public eye. She, however, did appear in the courts and sources say that she was tearing up delivering the final remarks on day 6. Although the case ran less than a week, the legal issues have been there since 2015 when David Mueller brought up his case for defamation.

Sketch work of Taylor Swift and her mom Andrea Swift in court for groping trial.
Sketch work of Taylor Swift and her mom Andrea Swift in court for groping trial.    Credits: NY Daily News

We believe that justice has been served in this groping trial and the $1 symbolic compensation was a bigger slap in David’s face than a million dollars. It was never about winning money for Swift. It was about justice being served. I hope this groping trial and it’s result would send a message to all others out there that would make them think twice about behaving like David Mueller.

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