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Game of Thrones Story Told in ‘Westerosi Rhapsody’ is as Epic as the TV Show

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen is without a doubt one of the greatest songs of all time, across all genres. And Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the biggest TV show right now and it is high fantasy at its best. So it comes as little wonder that someone decided to merge together and the result is a song/video of epic proportions. The lead vocalist/co-producer/editor of this epic creation is Andrew Davenport and all credits of this “Westerosi Rhapsody,” as he calls it, should go to him.

“Westerosi Rhapsody” is a re-telling of the story of Game of Thrones up to six of the seasons. For someone who has not watched the series, I highly recommend not watching this video. Because it is full of spoilers. The wheels of Game of Thrones were set in motion from the unfortunate accident of Bran Stark and now all the seven kingdoms are at war. There are dragons, women, wars, betrayals, soldiers, mercenaries, love, lust, forgiveness, hatred, wine, White Walkers, epic swords, “Dracarys,” slaves, eunuchs and more in Game of Thrones and “Westerosi Rhapsody” pretty much covers all of it. So get ready for a sprint down the memory lane.

Watch “Westerosi Rhapsody” by Andrew Davenport

The lyrics are very hilarious and the lyricist does not hold back on spitting explicit lyrics in the song. Why should they? Game of Thrones is full of explicitness.

Lyrics to “Westerosi Rhapsody”

Again, there are spoilers in these lyrics and it pretty much covers the major plots up to season 6. It has the GOT lingo and all the main characters appears within the verses.

This is the greatest
Mainstream fantasy
Yes, by the Old Gods and the new
This I swear to thee
Open your eyes
Look up to the giant tree
So many plotlines
So many characters that are
Easy come. Easy go
You know nothing, Jon Snow
Thank the gods for HBO
We know that this isn’t TV
Its G.O.T.
We’ve felt it now
From the Ned’s head hitting the floor
To Hodor holding the door
Has its hooks in us
And now not one of us
Can look away
Your mama
She’s your aunt as well
Which means your father
Is also your uncle
What the f*ck?
Why the f*ck
Is that guy f*cking his sister?
The Greyjoy boy
His ego made him weak
Snipped his sausage how he’s reek
Tywin talked some sh*t
While he took a sh*t
And now he’s gone and flushed his life away
Opened Catelyn’s throat but Arya Stark
Shall have her sweet revenge

I saw a little lion
Lannister get laid
Drink the wine
Drink the wine
It’s okay, because you know things
Beautiful Khaleesi
Fled across the narrow see
To Khal Drogo, to Khal Drogo, to Khal Drogo
But now he’s a vegetable
Death by pillow
I’m just poor little
Silver haired Khaleesi
But if you f*ck with me
I’ll torch your whole family
So do yourself a favor
And bend the f*cking knee
You’re stark now, Jon Snow
Ramsay is Alpo
This b*stard
You’re no longer a crow
Not a crow
Sweet b*stard!
Just let these haters know
Let them know!
My b*stard!
That winter winds will blow
But with your ghost in tow
You’ll show them what you know
Show then Jon show
King in the north Jon f*cking snow
Oh, mama mia, mama mia
Who is you mama, Jon snow?
Brienne of Tarth
Won’t you spread your giant legs for me
For me, for me
For meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bran will never walk again
But someday he’ll fly
I’m not crying
I’ve just got something in my eye
George R. R. Martin
Don’t do this to us, martin
‘cause if Tyrion dies
I’m never watching again
Nothing really matters
Believe me, it is known
Because whatever happens
We will all keep watching
Game of Thrones
The Winds of Winter will blow

The last line, “the Winds of Winter will blow” has me rattled. ‘The Winds of Winter’ is the forthcoming 6th edition of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series upon which the TV show Game of Thrones is based on. It is uncertain why Andrew said it will ‘blow,’ if there was any reason at all or just to keep a rhyming pattern.

You can grab the book series of Game of Thrones from the below link.

We love what Andrew has created with “Westerosi Rhapsody” and we admire and adore his creativity. What do you think about this effort? Leave a comment below and share this article with your GOT loving friends too.

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