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Wale, WizKid & Dua Lipa Hit the Beach in “My Love” Video (Review)

Wale hits the beach with WizKid, Dua Lipa and some bikini-clad women in the latest release “My Love” video from his album ‘SHINE’ which was released in April 2017. Major Lazer helps Wale in production of the song. “My Love” is a happy song about love and being together with the right person.

If I ride with you, better know that I’mma ride for you
Bet I’d use a gun and knife for you
I ain’t finna choose the side over you, yeah
If I ride with you, ain’t nothin’ to provide for you

“My Love” video is eye-candy to look at. While the artists sing away in front of colorful backdrops at the beach, there are gorgeous models dressed in bikinis freestyle dancing to the song. Their smiles are vibrant and spirits are up. All-around it is a happy song and a video.

Watch “My Love” Video by Wale, WizKid & Dua Lipa

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My team, team, we on that new ting
My mink draggin’ like it’s Liu Kang
My show packed, all the dimes there
But I be fallin’ back from all the loose change
I drop the top on that new thing

Dua Lipa is the latest attraction in the music industry with some overnight hits. Her latest single “New Rules” has been on the radio non-stop.

We are in love with Wale’s “My Love” track and the video. What are your thoughts on this? Jot them down in the comments section and share this article with your friends.

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