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Sam Smith – Pray (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Not even before the heat has died down from Sam Smith’s last single “Too Good at Goodbyes,” comes another brilliant single. Both the songs will appear on Sam Smith’s upcoming album ‘The Thrill of it All’ which is expected on November 3rd, 2017. “Pray” is unlike all of his music so far, as the second single leans more towards gospel/catholic music than Pop. This Timbaland-produced track is complete with backup choir singers as well and as usual Sam Smith gets very emotional in delivering this song.

With a taste of “Pray,” Sam Smith’s 2017 album is turning to be one of the most anticipated albums of this year.

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Hint: The artwork for “Pray” contains Sam Smith standing in front of a brick wall on which the name ‘Susan’ is written or scribbled. Who is Susan? Was this a random event? Think not.

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The song has a catchy tune and beat to it and Sam Smith summons a powerful voice to enhance the power of the song.

Be it simple looking and sounding, “Pray” has a deeper meaning hidden in it. We will go through some lyrics and uncover the meaning underneath it.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Pray”

Verse 1

I’m young and I’m foolish, I’ve made bad decisions
I block out the news, turn my back on religion
Don’t have no degree, I’m somewhat naive
I’ve made it this far on my own

Sam Smith says they are not a perfect human being and that they have made their share of mistakes. Sam has not been the most religious kid growing up, although Sam was brought up in a catholic home. Sam says they don’t have higher education and they are quite naive. But they say they have made it in life so far okay.

But lately, that shit ain’t been gettin’ me higher
I lift up my head and the world is on fire
There’s dread in my heart and fear in my bones
And I just don’t know what to say

But Sam Smith has been having troubles in their personal life of late. They have not been able to focus and they feel as if things are spiraling out of control. They look up and see a burning world-burning of suffering and injustice. This is a solid platform for a person to turn into religion.


Maybe I’ll pray, pray
Maybe I’ll pray
I have never believed in you, no
But I’m gonna pray

Sam Smith directly says they were never a believer of God. Maybe that has something to do with the religion’s disapproval of homosexuals. But in times of chaos and hopelessness, everybody turns to a higher power.

Verse 2

You won’t find me in church (no) reading the bible (no)
I am still here and I’m still your disciple
I’m down on my knees, I’m beggin’ you, please
I’m broken, alone, and afraid

Sam Smith says they are not the religious kind, even though they have to turn to God at times. You won’t see them in church or at Sunday mass. But they say they are a child of God at heart and they are begging God to show them a way.

“Too Good at Goodbyes” too presented us with a very emotional singer who was quite lonely and desperate for love, and “Pray” has the same theme underneath the gospel lyrics.


Won’t you call me?
Can we have a one-to-one, please?
Let’s talk about freedom
Everyone prays in the end

Sam Smith asks if they would hear from God soon and his questions and prayers will get answers. They need a one-to-one session with God himself to clear his fears and insecurities and freedom.

Everybody prays in the end. Even the most non-believer will pray to a higher power when all of their luck has run out. When hope seems bleak and weak, everybody turns to pray-everybody turns to a higher deity.

“Pray” is yet another emotional single from Sam Smith, who really seems to be praying for some love and company. Is this a gospel or a cry for love? You decide and let us know in the comments below.

One thing is for certain and that is Sam Smith’s new album is going to make a lot of us cry. Who is excited for the new album?

6 thoughts on “Sam Smith – Pray (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

  1. I know that this is an older article, but because Sam Smith Identifies as non-binary can you please change the description to use they/them pronouns? This change will not be too hard and it is a necessity change if you wish to represent the artist.

  2. “Sam Smith directly says he was never a believer of God. Maybe that has something to do with the religion’s disapproval of homosexuals” – you’re right religion disapproved homosexuality, bible says it’s wrong, but you know what?. God loves him, and he is welcome to my church, He’s welcome to His house. if he is standing in front of a church, and they don’t let him in they’re failing, cause if his standing in front of God’s home,, its because He ‘ authorized it’ and if He says that it’s okay, who are u to say that it’s not?
    I’m not Catholic, my church is Hillsong United, more precisely Hillsong United Portugal, and the first thing that my pastor told me when I told him that I wanted to work as a volunteer at the church was EVERYONE IS WELCOME. WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR SKIN COLOR, RELIGION, SEXUAL ORIENTATION ETC” Im not homophobic so when I heard that I was so happy ❤ Sam if u read this, He has big plans for you and you are so welcome ❤
    I promise,that if u let Him into your heart your life will change forever. ❤
    love you

    1. You are exactly right and shows that no religion is evil or disproves of anybody. It’s the people who manipulate it for ill gains. I’m sure if all religious leaders lives in the 21st century, they would approve of homosexuality.

    2. Yes amen 🙏 im a Christian a baby one though and he would always be accepted in my church! If there are churches out there that wouldn’t accept him they are failing like you said!

    3. are you a fckin idiot Christian, Judea, Muslim GOD says he hates homosexuals and you make a comment in disagreement with your belief yet you still believe idiot ! change your fckin belief

      1. Bruh why all so upset for someone just sharing their opinion if you wanna correct them at least do it better and btw God hates the sin not person.

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