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Taylor Swift Releases Dancing BTS Clip from LWYMMD

Taylor Swift’s LWYMMD video from ‘Reputatio’ album just keeps on getting more and more boosts on its journey towards the 1 billion views on YouTube goal. After a little over a month since its release, “Look What You Made Me Do” video has crossed 520 million views on YouTube. Although the video shattered 24 hour viewing records, the pace seems to be slowing down.

Taylor Swift has already released several behind the scenes clips from LWYMMD video being recorded. First, the infamous Taylor Mountain BTS clips was released. Then another iconic scene-the birdcage scene got a behind the scenes look. We got to see Taylor Swift in zombie makeover, which was used to show that the Old Taylor was dead. And now we are getting a small look into the dance scene.

Less significant and iconic as it was this scene in the LWYMMD video, Taylor Swift seems to be very excited about the part.

Watch The Dance Scene from LWYMMD Video BTS Clip

Taylor Swift is seen to be warming up and shaking off jitters with her backup dancers, who are all dressed in ‘I Heart TS’ t-shirts. The backup dancers and Taylor Swift are seemed to be wearing what it seems to be black latex clothing. Her love for latex clothing is seen throughout the LWYMMD video.

We believe that more BTS clips are to be released from this music video in the time to come. We have no clues as to what the next single and the video from ‘Reputation’ album will be. But until such time, let’s rejoice in the weirdness that is Taylor Swift.

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