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P!nk Releases New “Whatever You Want” Single & Lyric Video (Review)

With Pink’s 2017 album ‘Beautiful Trauma’ just around the corner (release date Oct 13), the “What About Us” artist has released another single off the album along with a lyric video. The third single “Whatever You Want” is both inspirational and heartbreaking, as it tells a story about a one-sided love, which we can all relate to. The upbeat tune and Pink’s energetic voice along with the creative and abstract lyric video enhances the effect of the song.

You can download the new single “Whatever You Want” on iTunes and Amazon. The song has been produced by Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ album producer, Max Martin. Hence, we can hear his signature electronic drums throughout the song.

Watch “Whatever You Want” Lyric Video

Order ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Album on iTunes and Amazon

Here are the lyrics to the new single.

We would like to quote the Bridge of “Whatever You Want” because those lyrics sum up the entire meaning behind the song;

Whoever said that love was sweet
(Drank a little too much whiskey baby)
Whoever said that life was easy
(Never lived anywhere near me)
I wouldn’t change a thing
‘Cause you’re the one I wanna sink with

Pink is lost in love. She has a lover, but she feels as if she is in this all by herself. She is questioning if this is true love. Because if it is, it is not as sweet as it is advertised to be. She is in the relationship for ‘forever’ despite all the pitfalls and downs. Pink believes he is the one which makes it all worth the effort.

We think this is a beautiful song by Pink and heartbreak anthem which we can all dance to as well. For some this will give motivation and inspiration to continue their struggle. We think that is what Pink would have wanted from this brand new song.

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