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Liam Payne Premiers New Song “Bedroom Floor” (Lyrics Review and Meaning)

The ex-1D members are releasing new music at a stretch and Liam Payne hits us with a sultry new song “Bedroom Floor” with a lyric video. Two days ago Louis Tomlinson released his second single “Just Like You” from his upcoming debut solo album. However, the two parties are talking about two entirely different things. Who made the better music? You let us know.

“Bedroom Floor” comes after Liam’s massive hit “Strip That Down” featuring Quavo. As of now, both singles are not associated with any album work. But we are assuming he will announce an album soon. The lyric video has been directed by Charlotte Audrey and her team at adultartclub.

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The song has a simple and subtle meaning on which the entire lyrics are built on. Liam is talking about a post-breakup situation and both of them have not cut their ties yet. She asked to breakup with him, to which he must have agreed.

Heard you’ve been talking about me lately
Telling all your friends how much you hate me
But who you calling up when you get lonely?
When you get lonely

Even though the girl has been bad-mouthing the guy behind his back, when she is lonely, he is the one who she rings up. And it’s pretty much about casual sex thereafter.

You be saying real real nice real nice things
When I’m touching you

She broke up with him, but she turns to him when she needs comfort. So, either this guy is utterly in love with this woman or pretty crazy to put himself through this emotional torture.

You said it was over
But your clothes say different on my bedroom floor

“Bedroom Floor” is a catchy song by Liam Payne, but we doubt it will live up to it’s predecessor “Strip That Down.”

What do you think about this single? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below.

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