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Louis Tomlinson Premiers New Single “Just Like You” (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Just Like You” by Louis Tomlinson is released as a promotional single and as of now, it is not attached to any album. The song has been written by Louis himself and is the first solo single without any featuring artist on it. “Just Like You” talks about the how celebrities are looked at by normal people and he is trying to say that celebrities aren’t so much different from all of us.

Releasing the new single, Louis mentioned the following on his Facebook profile:

“So I wrote a song called Just Like You a few months ago. After a few conversations with the label I told them that I wanted to release it. My next single will be a bit later this year but I wanted to share this with you now. The song will go live on the usual platforms at midnight local time .
This is for you lot ! #JustLikeYou”

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Lyrics to “Just Like You”

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Just Like You”

The entire song speaks about how celebrities are pretty much the same as any other normal person. Louis goes so far as to say that if anything celebrities face bigger dilemmas and bigger stress levels. This can be justified by the countless suicides among artist over the years.

Louis Tomlinson starts off “Just Like You” with a reminder that he used to be in One Direction. He also mentions that he is aware of his bad habit of smoking quite excessively. Tomlinson is 25 years old to this December and he says he has his whole life planned ahead. Breaking from 1D was a part of the plan or not, we are not able to say.

In the next line of the first verse Louis says “night out and it’s ten grand” which could mean two things-income and expense. One Direction was doing extremely well are rumored to charge as much as over $200K per night of performance. So, as a solo artist Louis should easily be able to pull 10K a night. Or he means that his spending habits are lavish that he burns $10K a night.

Louis Tomlinson also says that it’s the media that he can’t stand. Pretty much all the artists have the issue of unlimited infringement of privacy by the media and paparazzi. They are also very well known for creating, multiplying, manipulating and fabricating news about celebrities.

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In the pre-chorus of “Just Like You,” Louis Tomlinson says that we, the third parties, only get half of the story. This is very true. We do see the cash, the cars and the fame and glory. But we do not see the blood, sweat and tears each artist had poured into becoming what they are.

Louis also says, even he can enjoy a Sunday brunch, cheap beer, walk around with his girlfriend without being bothered and he wants media to be not so aggressive about his smoking. When we listen to these lyrics, all we hear is another artist who has been depraved of his privacy and independence.

The bridge of “Just Like You” is probably our favorite lines from the song:

Every heart breaks the same
Every tear leaves a stain

So, let us know what you think about “Just Like You” single and lyric video by Louis Tomlinson. Do you think this will be a hit? What are your interpretations of the song lyrics? Comments section is open for you.

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