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Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It” Could Get a Sexy Music Video (Teaser Clip)

We already knew Taylor Swift was shooting a music video in London in parallel to hosting her ‘Reputation Secret Sessions‘ last week. Several cameramen captured Taylor Swift dressed in a hoodie in the dark alleys of London. The pictures went viral and everybody knew a new video was coming up. It was only a matter of cluing if it was the video for already released promotional single “…Ready For It?” or some new single from ‘Reputation’ album.

Shedding some light into our doubts over the past week, Taylor Swift just announced the upcoming “…Ready For It?” music video and it is unlike anything we imagined from her.

The video looks futuristic, with robot-like beings, optic eyes and biometric suits.

Watch “…Ready For It?” Video Teaser Trailer

By the looks of it, we can see Taylor Swift wearing a biometric suit that contours her body. The singer is seen among some heavy action-which seems like a fight with some other non-human beings. But then again, even Taylor Swift has her eyes glowing blue, which indicates she might not be human either.

Towards the latter part of the teaser video, we can see Taylor Swift getting struck by what it seems like lightning on a ramp. The words “They’re burning the witches” are written in capitals on the side of the ramp. Is this any indication of what’s to come in the song? If we know one thing about Taylor’s music videos is that she doesn’t leave anything to chance. In that case, is she playing a witch in “…Ready For It?” music video?

We will have to hold our breaths for a couple more days to find all the answers. “…Ready For It?” music video will be released on October 26th (Thursday) midnight worldwide.

In the meantime, order your copy of ‘Reputation’ album on iTunes and Amazon which will be released on November 10, 2017.

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