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Camila Cabello’s “Havana” Gets a 6 Minute Movie Featuring Young Thug (Review)

We were expecting “Havana” to get an awesome music video and Camila Cabello just surprised us all with an extended video which is dubbed a movie. Rightly so, “Havana” music video is 6 minutes and 42 seconds long and contains two stories. Of course at the end of the video, the two stories collide.

“Havana” video starts off with a setting of a Cuban family and Camila Cabello is the younger sister to Bella who is called “extra” by their unusually hairy mother. While Bella goes out partying, Camila is left at home with their mother watching TV. Fortunately Camila decides to go see a movie titled ‘Havana’ at the theater.

Then the movie plays…

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Camila finds a mirroring image girl in the movie dressed in all sharp red. She has some fiery dance moves and an equally fiery attitude. She enchants the men at the club with her dances and looks. Then her lover appears out of nowhere and she is dumbstruck.

Young Thug makes an appearance on the music video to perform his verse and he looks dashing. Camila is seen dancing away with more guys in this homely club while the song progresses.

And apparently the movie-star Camila loves herself more than she loves her lover, which the theater-going Camila cannot believe. She argues with the movie star, saying that is not a happy ending. On the way back the real Camila finds herself real love as a cyclist crashes down watching Camila’s dance moves on the street.

Sound like a very cliche storyline, but the song and the exquisite choreography of the dances make us forget all about it. We love it.

What is your verdict on this music video?

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