Taylor Swift Performs “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” with Shawn Mendes on Rep Tour

Taylor Swift’s brand new ‘Reputation Tour’ is spearheading at full force and lucky fans are not just getting the magic of Taylor Swift alone. Two previous venues of the Rep Tour had Camila Cabello and Charli XCX opening up and performing alongside Taylor Swift. The concert of the third venue was held in Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California and was joined by a very special guest. Shawn Mendes came up on the stage as a surprise to all the 60,000 fans who were gathered at the show.

This is not the first time Shawn Mendes has accompanied Taylor Swift on live tour. In her previous ‘1989 World Tour,’ Shawn Mendes joined to perform his hit single “Stitches” back in 2015.

Tonight, the long time friends performed yet another Shawn Mendes hit “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” and Taylor could not wait till the days’ end to share the news.

Taylor Swift thanked Shawn Mendes and the 60K Swifties attending the Rose Bowl show for making the night “magical.”

Watch Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes Perform “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” On Reputation Tour


Taylor wore a dazzling red jacket with thigh-hight boots and revealing most of her leg. Shawn Mendes appeared with his acoustic guitar wearing fully black. The two seemed to have good chemistry going on during the performance.

After tonight’s shown in California, the Reputation Tour will hit Washington, Colorado, Illinois, and then straight to the United Kingdom. The tour is set to carry on to Australia, New Zealand and Japan as the last leg of the tour. Check out the tour dates and venues here.

Bonus: Taylor Swift performing “Red” Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena


Let us know what you think about the Reputation Tour and this duet with Shawn Mendes specifically. If you were a fan lucky enough to attend any of these concerts, do let us know the experience you had.

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