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Jack Black And Ace from Gangreen Gang Join Gorillaz’ New Video “Humility” (Lyrics Review)

Gorillaz has a new single and a new music video out and it is all the hype right now. “Humility” is a cool-summer-vibe track and features vocals by Damon Albarn and American singer, songwriter and guitarist Geoge Benson. When questioned about the title of the song, Damon Albarn said “I don’t think that the melody or the lyrics are necessarily connected to that word (“Humility”). But they are informed by that word.”

“Humility” comes from Gorillaz’s upcoming sixth studio album ‘The Now Now,’ which is due on June 29th. Along with this track, a second single titled “Lake Zürich” too was released. This album follows the band’s massive success story ‘Humanz’ album released last year.

The new video for “Humility” has a cameo by Jack Black, acting as himself, playing a guitar and dancing to the cool vibe of the song. Another surprise appearance is by Ace from Gangreen Gang from The Powerpuff Girls animated series.

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Behind the lovely, poppy and vibrant music video, the lyrics to this song talk about an entirely contrasting story.

Damon Albarn mentioned in an interview with BBC 2 Radio, that the album is called ‘The Now Now’ to represent the current issues/scenarios in the world. So, when “Humility” starts off with “Calling the world from isolation,” this leads us to believe Damon is talking about Brexit, of which he had very strong opinions about. Also, make note that Gorillaz frontman Murdoc was not involved in the production of this song.

Verse 1

2-D is talking about being in isolation. It is not clear about whom or what he is relating this to. And he talks about a betrayal, that possibly, would have led to the isolation of the parties. 2-D also warns that if the other party comes back at him for this ‘betrayal’ they better have a good ‘shot’ at him to finish him once and for all. But he also admits that he needs the other party.

According to Murdoc Wikia, he is now in jail, and 2-D seems to have replaced him with Ace from the Gangreen Gang.

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The ‘left hand’ could symbolize a lot of bad and wrong and negative. That is not a good place to be stuck in, so 2-D wants to reset his life and get back on track. And there seem to be no friends in this ‘left’ place.

Verse 2

2-D feels chained to an iron ball (a restraining mechanism used in medieval times), and he feels no victory in whatever he does. So he keeps calling back his friend.

Verse 3

2-D is perplexed with the choices he has made. He had replaced Murdoc with Ace, to keep the wagon going. He mended something that was broken, but he is not sure if it is a permanent fix. He could either continue in the lonesome and possibly dig his own grave, or call in for some backup and continue.

This is why we said earlier that behind the vibrant summer-jazz music video, there is an underlying sad story. It could be about Brexit, it could be about Murdoc’s absense, or it could be about anything else.

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