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Maroon 5 Covers Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” in a Dreamy Music Video (Lyrics Review)

After premiering the remix of “Girls Like You” featuring Cardi B, from their 2017 album, Maroon 5 has dug up to an even longer history to re-produce an epic cover. The original “Three Little Birds” is by Bob Marley and the Wailers. and is one of the most popular songs by the father of Reggae music. This song has been covered countless times, and this cover by Maroon 5 is rather fresh.

Maroon 5 adopts a Pop-Reggae fusion to cover this epic song “Three Little Birds” from 1977. The inspiration for this peaceful harmony has been drawn by Bob Marley himself and is said to be from the Canary birds visiting his home. But the song represents peace, freedom and being high spirited.

Watch Maroon 5 Cover “Three Little Birds”

The music video for “Three Little Birds” is a high-value production. The band members are seen in a digitally-produced beach, where crabs crawl and starfish wander. The members, including Adam Levine, are playing instruments. Adam Levine leads all the vocals of the cover and we are shown a graphical production of seemingly random figures dancing to the song.

There is a figurine made out of tree leaves, another made out of water and another made out of what it seems like colored wool. They are all dancing to the beat of the song, and these CGI productions are of high quality. Some of these figurines are seen playing guitars, much like the band members are doing in the song.

More mysterious characters start appearing-a neon robot, a figure made of yellow sparks, another made of what seems like metal scraps, another woman-like figure made up of colorful neon lights and so on.

Throughout the music video, the backdrop to the Maroon 5 members says “Wish you were here!” which changes to “See you next time!” at the end of the song and the video. Also, the sunny backdrop changes to night as the video ends.

Lyrics Review of “Three Little Birds”

“Three Little Birds” does not have a confusing or a hidden meaning behind those blissful lyrics. Bob Marley was a musical rebel fighting for freedom, peace, and love. And this song, too, represents all those values.

Bob Marley draws a very beautiful picture in our heads with these lyrics:

The Sun is rising up and the singer is up and smiling as well. Then he notices three little birds at his doorstep. These little birds are chirping, and Bob Marley finds it a beautiful melody with a message. He believes what these birds are chirping about is a message of pure and true, and he decodes it.

The birds are telling him not to worry about anything, and everything is going to be alright. Every little thing will turn out to be okay in the end. This is what Bob Marley hears from these birds chirps’. Or this is what he wants to hear.

“Three Little Birds” only has a chorus and one verse, but combined with Reggae music and performance, this song gained a worldwide reputation and acceptance.

Listen to Bob Marley Sing “Three Little Birds”

What do you think about the Maroon 5 cover version of this epic single “Three Little Birds?” Do you think they did justice to the original? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Full Lyrics to “Three Little Birds” Song by Bob Marley


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