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Threeway Love Affair Gone Wrong in “Babe” Video by Sugarland Featuring Taylor Swift (Review)

The “Babe” music video that was teased a couple days ago has finally dropped and it is better than we expected it to be. The song, that was written by Taylor Swift and given to Sugarland to perform, also has vocals by her and is the third wheel in the music video as well. Who imagined Taylor Swift would be the one stealing the husband!

Taylor Swift appears in a new reddish brunette look with red sweater and red skirt as well. Probably a hint at the ‘Red’ era when this song was written in. Or, just that Taylor Swift can pull off the “red lips, classic” thing that we all like. Jennifer Nettles, the lead singer of Sugarland duo, appears in a yellow-lacey dress and a sizzling-pink dress from time to time. The heartbreaker, the guy, appears in a full suit with a dashing hairdo and a wicked smile.

Taylor Swift works at the office of this wicked guy and he just cannot keep her eyes from her. He invites Taylor into his office and sparks up sweet conversations with her while sipping whiskeys. This does not happen much longer, as the wife of the guy stumbles into the office abruptly one day. She will never be able to trust him again!

“Since you admitted it, I keep picturing
Her lips on your neck, I can’t unsee it
I hate that because of you, I can’t love you”

Watch “Babe” Music Video by Sugarland

Throughout the music video, we imagine Taylor Swift is also at fault here. She is, until this guy breaks her heart too. Both women are left broken hearted and paralyzed. We see that the wife has taken her final decision and locked him out of the house one night.

“Babe” song talks about how she regrets that this relationship has come to an end. It was going so well, until the husband had to go after Taylor Swift. Throughout the song, we hear the singer singing “what a waste,” “you really blew this” and “what a waste” which do not necessarily express anger-but rather disappointment.

“Babe” music video is a beautiful, creative work, as it gets the message through. Taylor Swift looks stunning in all red and the kind of girl that turns every guys head at office. Sugarland does an amazing job with the vocals as well.

Let us know what you think about this song and the music video? Was the inclusion of Taylor Swift enough to add some spice into the story? Leave a comment below.

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