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Demi Lovato Bares Her Soul in New Single “Sober” (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The brand new single “Sober” comes as a surprise as Demi Lovato had no intentions of promoting the track prior to its release. This could be the lead single off of her rumored seventh studio album due. The song released today speaks about fighting her addiction problem.

The lyrics to “Sober” has been written by Mark Landon, RØMANS, Tushar Apte and Demi herself. The lyric video released shows a few grained shots from Demi’s life from her childhood and adult life. The song addresses her struggles with addiction to prescription drugs, alcohol, and even cocaine.

However, Demi made a conscious decision to better herself and stay off of all of the above several years back and in March 2018 she even celebrated the 6-year sobriety anniversary.

However, this new single suggests an entirely different truth to this, we are left to believe that even though she tried to stay sober, she had moments of weaknesses.

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“Sober” adopts a tone of a confessional ballad. The slowed down pace and minimal musical instruments are in contrast to Demi’s recent projects such as “Solo.”

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Sober”

Verse 1

Demi Lovato is looking back at all the expenses she had to incur because of her addictions. She lost friends who were there from her childhood (Marissa) and she is dying inside (quite literally, due to drugs). She just wants to skip this phase. She wants to imagine this all as a dream and wants to be woken when the cold sweats are gone, the shakes are over and she is back to herself.


These lyrics very clearly indicate that the stress of her life and the loneliness makes her relapse to losing her sobriety every now and then.


In the chorus of the song, Demi Lovato apologizes to everybody who has been affected by her lack of sobriety. She apologizes to her mother, father and especially the ones who have been with her from the start to now without leaving her side. Because it seems to be that ‘loneliness’ is playing a big part in her relapse to addiction.

She apologizes for not being sober anymore. Because the ones who have not left her side knows the struggle they had to endure to get her back on track. Losing her sobriety again feels as if Demi is betraying these people.

Verse 2

Her sorrows just keep rolling out even on to the second verse.

Demi Lovato speaks about her six-year relationship with Wilmer Valderrama. She believes she is the reason why he left her in 2017. Maybe she was too far into the addiction?

She even apologizes for her future partner. Does she have no plans of getting cured?

Demi apologizes to the fans whom she lost because of her questionable behavior. Once she was considered a role model for the children, but drugs built a massive barrier between her and the fans. Her reason for relapsing: “I’m only human.”


There is a glimmer of hope for Demi in these lyrics of the song. She says she had no intentions of being in a position where she would have to apologize for her addiction problems, but here she is. She promises and reassures everybody that she will get help and she will rediscover herself. At last, she apologizes to herself for being so weak-willed.

We think “Sober” is a brilliant track by Demi Lovato. This is a rare case of heartfelt and raw confessionals in the music industry, which speaks about an embedded issue among all the artists.

We would love to hear your opinions about “Sober” and its lyrics. Let us know what you think in the comments below and if you loved this article, share this among other Lovatics!

Full Lyrics to “Sober” by Demi Lovato


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