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Clean Bandit Premiers Hot New Single “Solo” with Demi Lovato (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The brand new single “Solo” is supposedly another addition to Clean Bandit’s upcoming second studio album. The new album has no title or release date as of yet, but we do know that some huge hits such as “Rockabye” and “Symphony” will be featured in the tracklist.

The new heavy-EDM track “Solo” is vocalized by Demi Lovato for the most part and she is supported with backup vocals by Kamille. A fun fact about “Solo” track is that Clean Bandit team and Demi Lovato never met in a studio to record this song. Demi Lovato recorded the vocals in a studio in Alabama and combined with music over FaceTime.

Prior to the official release date of May 18th, Clean Bandit shared the cover art and song title on Twitter.

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Since the release of the song, there have been many interpretations of the lyrics and the meaning of the song.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Solo”

Verse 1

The first verse of “Solo” speaks about what went wrong in the relationship that has left her alone in the end. She found texts from his ex on his phone, and probably a few more reasons as well. So it leads to the eventual breakup and now she is alone, although she didn’t intend to break his heart.


Now things start turning sideways. The singer says that ever since the breakup, she has been living her own life to the fullest. This includes ‘boys in her zone,’ which most likely means casual relationships. But one thing that is lacking is that these boys cannot satisfy her needs. Her ex was the only guy capable of satisfying her, but now he is gone. So, she turns to the next best option of being alone.


The chorus of “Solo” has Demi Lovato singing how conflicted her life is now. She wants to have a relationship, but she is reeling back as well. She wants to cry it all out, but she wants to party it all out as well. She wants to be touched, but she has nobody.

So she does it solo. This could be interpreted in several ways. For one, she could be meaning that she is living her life on her own, on her own terms. On another perspective, she could be talking about the act of self-pleasuring-which has been the interpretation of this song by many fans.

The chorus bit of the song is extremely catchy and boasts a unique musical mix by Clean Bandit.


The bridge of the song is a sole line: “Can’t do it solo.”

This person is really conflicted with what she wants. So we move on.

Verse 2

She loses her mind every night thinking about the times they had. She cannot focus on one thing or the other, even to distract herself. Only one question really bothers her every night. Has she been replaced by someone new? She wouldn’t probably get any closure until she knows that. However, until she finds closure, she will go ‘solo.’

This new EDM production is extremely catchy and we can predict this will climb some spaces in music charts. Kudos to Demi Lovato for doing some amazing vocals, even via online, and kudos to Clean Bandit on the musical production, which really takes this single to the next level.

We enjoyed breaking down the lyrics and listening to this song on repeat. Let us know what you think about “Solo” by Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato. And make sure to share this article with your friends as well.

UPDATE: 31/05/2018

The official music video for the song is released today. Watch the video below which suggests the fan interpretation of a sexual theme could be more accurate.

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