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Justin Timberlake Premiers Hot Summer Jam “SoulMate” (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Justin Timberlake dropped a surprise single today and we have a new favorite Summer Jam. “SoulMate” represents JT’s first music work since ‘Man of the Woods’ album released earlier this year. Behind the Poppy and funky music and rhythm, there is actually a very different story in the lyrics of this song.

There is no evidence of “SoulMate” being part of any new album, which is unlikely at this moment. JT could just be catering to the void of Summer hits. Justin’s last single “Man of the Woods” became a global sensation, reaching Platinum sales in several countries. The new single “SoulMate” is a twisted love story and keep on reading to find out how.

“SoulMate” cover art shows a middle-aged couple at a beach. The lady is standing up and the guy lying down on a beach mat. What is the relevancy? Probably nothing.

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The lyrics to the song are simple, but it communicates an entirely different message than what it leads us on to.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “SoulMate”

First, note how the title of the song “SoulMate” is written. “M” of the ‘soulmate’ is capitalized with a purpose. That letter breaks the word into two. This gives it an entirely different meaning. Usually, the word ‘soulmate’ means a partner bound by souls for life. However, this clever twist on words makes it mean as if this is a partner for ‘mating.’ This song is speaking nothing else, but sex.

Verse 1

The first verse of “SoulMate” describes a sex scene. Her heartbeat is taking a unique pattern and that gives JT the indication that she is enjoying it. The way she moves and the acts she does, it is all unique and JT thinks she is a proper freak under the bedsheets.


The chorus of the song is the giveaway of the underlying meaning of this song. Justin Timberlake is asking for a ‘soulmate’ for the night. This is an indication of how loving and affectionate couples are for sex. But for other stuff, there are no soulmates.

Verse 2

The second verse continues the sex started in the first verse. Now their heartbeats synced and both are in perfect rhythm. Justin wants to shed his clothes and get it on with her.

It’s fascinating how a simple word can alter the meaning of the entire song.


The bridge starts off quite romantically, speaking about believing in miracles and living their dreams until the last line invites her to ‘lay down’ first of all. Boom goes the love!

There is a slight chance that this song could be interpreted in a total innocent frame of reference. But we would rather stick to what this song feels like to us. If you have a different opinion about the song, let us know in the comments below.

We are looking forward to a music video for this song, which would really clarify what this song means to JT as well. f you enjoyed this article, make sure to share it with your friends.

Full Lyrics to “SoulMate” by Justin Timberlake


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