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Train’s New Single “Call Me Sir” is All About Power Couples (Lyrics Review)

Train dropped a new single titled “Call Me Sir” after a long hiatus. His last single “Lottery” was released in 2017 from his 2016 album ‘A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat.’ His return single features vocals by American singer Cam and Travie McCoy. This one is catchy.

Pat Monahan, the lead vocals of Train, confirms that this song is based on a true story. Is it his personal experience? We don’t know. But this song speaks about a good relationship-possibly the best kind.

The lyrics to “Call Me Sir” talks about how two people in a relationship elevate one another. This is not leeching off of one person who is a star. The song speaks from both male and female perspectives, which says that both of them support each other.

Pat Monahan captioned the below while releasing the new song on May 23, 2018.

“Our new song, Call Me Sir features Cam and Travie McCoy. It’s a true story and I love what these 2 bring to the song. Hope everyone will like this one as much as we love performing it. Love, Pat”

Listen to “Call Me Sir” by Train

Verse 1 of the song tells the story of how the guy met the girl. North California, Friday night and he was hiding from all the glamorous people of the night. Meeting her felt like he struck gold, however, he is not a gold digger, as we realize in later lyrics.

Cam adds the female vocals of the song and she sings that she is always by his side and his stardom gets her places. But is he bad looking? She says even if he smiles at someone else they won’t notice him. A lot of Travie McCoy’s lines speak about appearances as well.

Travie brings in metaphors like “judging a book by the cover,” “ugly duckling” and “the frog who got a kiss from the princess and turned to a prince.” These all suggest that the guy might not be the most handsome man ever. But now he gets called “sir” because he is with this gorgeous girl.

It’s a win-win situation in “Call Me Sir” song by Train. We love the catchy chorus and the fact that it’s based on a true story.

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Full Lyrics to “Call Me Sir” by Train


One thought on “Train’s New Single “Call Me Sir” is All About Power Couples (Lyrics Review)

  1. This song always creeps me out because it sounds like a guy is going around with a woman much younger and her friends are calling him ‘sir’s because of the age difference. It is hard to infer anything else from the lyrics so reading this its surprising.

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