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Troye Sivan Premiers “Dance To This” Musc Video with Ariana Grande (Review)

“Dance To This” was released as a single off of the second studio album ‘Bloom’ by Troye Sivan. The song features a melodic vocalization by Ariana Grande. This is a track you can dance to at home, as does the theme of the song suggests.

The song speaks about a couple who avoids all the commotion of the clubs and parties and stays home to have an intimate dance with each other. Although the song did not perform well on music charts, it was well received by the fans.

Troye Sivan released a music video for “Dance To This” on July 19 and captures the essence of the song. Troye Sivan starts playing the song on a boombox in a room that looks like a cafeteria. He probably would have expected to cheer the sullen mood of the room with his song. However, only the exact opposite happens. Ariana Grande, who was also sitting in the cafeteria, joins Troye to sing the song. The duo very happily sings the song while cheerfully dancing around the room. The other people seem to get more annoyed and frustrated and they leave the room. Troye and Grande continue to perform the song in their own intimate space-as do the lyrics of the song suggests.

Watch “Dance To This” Music Video

Read our lyrics annotation of the song for more in-depth review of the lyrics.

‘Bloom’ album is expected to drop on August 31st, 2018 and “Dance To This” is one the only two collaborations on the album. Sivan is assisted by Gordi on his track “Postcard.”

‘Bloom’ album has produced some catchy singles such as “Bloom” and “My My My!” so far. There will be more promotional releases within the days leading to the album release.

Let us know what you think about “Dance To This” song and the music video. We find it adorable and well-suited to the theme of the song. Leave a comment below and share this article with your friends.

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