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Troye Sivan Shares “Dance To This” with Ariana Grande (Lyrics Review)

The newly released single “Dance To This” is a collaboration between Troye Sivan from his newest studio album ‘Bloom.’ The song features vocals by the Pop icon Ariana Grande. As much as the title of the song says, this is a song you can have a slow dance to.

Troye’s single “Bloom” from the same album became a major hit, and “Dance To This” is the fourth single off of the album. Troye contacted Ariana about collaborating on the track and she graciously accepted. The song captures the essence of blooming love between two youngsters.

Both Troye and Ariana’s vocals take a dreamy undertone, enhancing the effectiveness of the romance in the song.

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The lyrics to the song are simple, yet worth investigating into.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Dance To This”

Verse 1

Troye Sivan kicks off the song in a dreamy tune, stating the nature of the blossoming love. They are young and full of ambition. Almost every couple starts with saying “start it slow” but end up accelerating up and up quickly. ‘Premonition’ is a strong feeling of something about to happen-something of a bad feeling.


These lyrics set the tone for the entire song. This part speaks about how the couple enjoys each other’s company more at home than elsewhere.

It is highly unlikely that anybody would be dressed up at home. So when Troye says she looks dynamite in the kitchen light, we know that he is talking about her true beauty.

Troye speaks about turning on the radio (classic!) and dancing in the kitchen light with his lover. And he wants to take it one step further as well.


Troye Sivan says that it does not take much from her to make him dance with her. It could be a slow track playing on the radio at midnight-much like “Dance To This” song itself. But they are confident that they can dance to this.

They have been to their fair share of parties, so now they want to chill at home.

Verse 2

Ariana Grande has only 4 lines on “Dance To This” besides the duet parts with Troye.

‘501s’ is a product series by American clothes manufacturer Levi’s. The ‘501s’ is one of the most famous styles to be ever produced.

Ariana speaks about getting really close and personal while they do their midnight dance. Usually, this dance happens while they are intoxicated at parties. But this time, they will be sober.

We love this new track by Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande. Let us know what you think about the song and the lyrics. Do you have a different interpretation of the lyrics? Leave a comment below, and share this article with your friends.

Full Lyrics to “Dance To This” by Troye Sivan

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