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Labrinth, Sia and Diplo (LSD) Premier “Thunderclouds” Single (Lyrics Review)

“Thunderclouds” is released as the third single off of the collaborative music effort of singers Labrinth, and Sia and producer Diplo. Early this year, these three artists formed a musical supergroup titled ‘LSD,’ from the starting letters of their stage names. ‘LSD’ is also a highly dangerous drug which is known to create hallucinations. The exact resemblance of the band name to this drug may be an innuendo towards how addictive the band’s music is.

Previously, LSD released two singles titled “Genius” on May 03, 2018, and “Audio” on May 10, 2018. The third single “Thunderclouds” comes after several months of silence from the group, but the new track does not disappoint.

The new song “Thunderclouds” speaks about the darker times in a relationship, especially when the relationship is quite new. There are trust issues, there are flashbacks from the past and the two are adjusting to each other. These issues appear as ‘thunderclouds’ looming over a relationship.

Listen to “Thunderclouds” Single by LSD

We hear the amazing vocal range of Sia and the soothing whispers of Labrinth on “LSD” over a Pop/electro beat by Diplo. The song is catchy and the beat is up!

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Thunderclouds”

Verse 1

Sia sets the tone to the entire song with her powerful lyrics in the starting verse. She talks about the insecurities that follow in a springing relationship. These are testing times and both should trudge carefully. Even a wrong word can set the relationship on a downward spiral. Sia asks her partner to turn these insecurities upside-down, which is easier said than done.


Both Labrinth and Sia join in these lyrics. Both artists are questioning about the status of their relationship to the point where they are questioning ‘where did the love go?’ Usually ‘putting hands in the air’ is a very happy and cheery thing to do. However, “Thunderclouds” make it seem like a search warrant where one goes through the other’s stuff. This happens due to insecurities and trust issues.

Labrinth draws reasons for his trust issues from his previous relationships. He has never met a girl whom he could trust fully, and this passes on naturally down the line of relationships.

Watch LSD’s “Thunderclouds” Official Music Video


When ‘I love you’s turn into ‘I hate you’s the real fun begins in a relationship.

Labrinth says their house (‘house’ being a metaphor for their relationship) is on fire or chaotic when the girl is raised in hell (‘hell’ being a metaphor for not being able to find what he is expecting in a relationship from this girl). Oftentimes, the problems occur due to mismatches of expectations-even trust issues.

However, Labrinth reassures that whatever these looming thunderclouds will pass away eventually and need not be afraid of them.

Pre-chorus 2

In the second pre-chorus, the roles have been reversed. What Labrinth sang before is now done by Sia and vice versa. Likewise, what Labrinth said about him never having met a girl she could trust, now Sia says that she has never met a man she could trust. Trust is a two-way street and this relationship is blocked for either way.

Verse 2

The second verse of “Thunderclouds,” Labrinth lays out his expectations of a relationship. Love, words (kind and caring preferably) and the couple to be together through thick and thin. The last lyric says that nouns turned into verbs, which cannot be a good indication, given the context of the song. Maybe things are getting vocalized and physical?

“Thunderclouds” is a mellow track you can sway around to. Sia and Labrinth display their usual masterclass skill set while Diplo creates some out-of-shell music for this troublesome love song. We are absolutely hooked.

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Full Lyrics to “Thunderclouds” by LSD


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