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Watch the Dreamy “Thunderclouds” Video by Labrinth, Sia and Diplo (Review)

“Thunderclouds” is the third single off of the musical supergroup LSD, formed by Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo. In the new video, we see all the artists plus Maddie Ziegler journeying through dark clouds, which gives the appeal of ‘Alice In Wonderland.’

Directed by Ernest Desumbila, “Thunderclouds” music video features Diplo as the flying bus driver, Maddie Ziegler dancing on the roof of the bus and Labrinth riding a cloud beside them. The video shows no matter how dark-cloudy things get, there will always be an out or a silver lining in the end. Everybody just has to keep pushing through dark times.

A full analysis of the lyrics can be found here.

Watch “Thunderclouds” Video by LSD

Maddie Ziegler has been portraying Sia in music videos as long as we can remember. “Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart,” “Cheap Thrills” and more had the grace of Maddie’s high energy.

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