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Watch the Best Compilations of #DidiChallenge Taking Over Asia

Time to time some sensation takes over the music world and reminds us how music is really the universal language. We had the KikiChallenge that swept over the Western part of the world majorly but dripped over the East as well. This dance challenge itself put Drake’s “In My Feelings” song, from which the challenge is based on, on top of music charts. This time East has started another sensation by the name #DidiChallenge, which is also of viral nature.

The roots of the #DidiDance are unknown, however, the dance challenge is spreading over many countries in Asia. The beat to the dance has been extracted from a song titled “Toma Toma (Mega Francesita)” remix by Mixeos Djs. The remix that originated from Turkey is now taking over India especially.

This new dance challenge is going viral on the mobile video platforms Tik Tok and Musically.

How to do the #DidiChallenge?

There are a few basic choreographed moves to perform this challenge. There are 6 steps if you count it and all of which are quite unique in this challenge. Step 1- Keep fingers of both your hands in the gesture of making a fake phone call and move your hands up and down. You can shake your body as you wish. Step 2-This is probably the most unique section of this dance challenge. Hold your hands straight up on either side of the body, bent at the elbow. Now you have to sort of jerk your hips in a swivel motion without moving the rest of your body upward from the hip. Step 3-A pretty basic move now, where you elbow your hands to left and right to the best, step 4-A hand gesture of dusting your hands. Step 5-Either your left or right-hand goes in front of your body, over the head and down from behind, and final step 6-A crossed hands gesture that goes up and down, a sort of ‘go crazy’ kind of move. Trust me, this is easier than it sounds. However, different people have changed different steps to make the dance choreography more unique.

We have found some of the best video compilations of the #didichallenge for your entertainment.

Best Compilations of #DidiChallenge

All credits of these compilation videos go out to the original creators and uploaders.

Some musers from other countries than Asia are doing this dance challenge as well.


All thanks to these amazing people who have participated in the #DidiDance challenge and brought some happiness in all of us who enjoy it.

Let us know what you think about the dance challenge and if you have participated in your own challenge. Forward us your #DidiChallenge and we will feature on this article.

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