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Eminem – Kamikaze (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Kamikaze” is the 9th song on the surprise album that was released on August 31st by Eminem, after releasing a snippet of “Venom” from the upcoming movie soundtrack. This is the song that inspired the album titled, hence can be identified at Em’s thought bundle on releasing of this album.

“Kamikaze” is Japanese for “divine wind.” These were a special unit of suicide aircrafts used by Japanese during the WWII against the Allied warships. These aircrafts were used to crash into the war vessels and destroy upon impact. In a way, Em’s new album signifies his last blow as he is ‘Kamikaze-ing’ himself on this album and the song. Em does go ballistic on many popular hip-hop names in the opening track “The Ringer” of the new album.

Written by Tim Suby and Eminem, this song is Eminem’s reflection on the critical reception of his last studio album ‘Revival.’

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Eminem goes so far as to compare 2017 “flop” of ‘Revival’ album to his song “FACK,” which is considered to be his worst song yet.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Kamikaze”


Even Eminem seems to have admitted the fact that “FACK” is one of his least favorite songs he has produced. So he compares 2017 ‘success’ to “FACK.” And for 2018, he makes the sound ‘welp,’ which is a combination of the words “well” and “help.”

Verse 1

As explained above ‘Kamikaze’ fighters were specialized in suicide missions. So Em is saying he is crash-bombing himself with this song and the album.

Em says he was beaten by ‘Islamic Nazi,’ a combination that does not exist. So Em was not beaten.

He also says that he has been going at other emcee’s necks ever since the release of “Duck Alert” by Craig G in 1988.

Eminem says his ‘disrespectful’ music is due to a wedgie in his rear with a combination of his underwear, the bedsheet, and the comforter all together. So, imagine Em’s discomfort to come up with such ‘FACK’ verses and rhymes.

‘A fighter jet lined with explosives’ would be a pretty accurate description of a ‘Kamikaze’ aircraft. And Eminem is the pilot.

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These lyrics are a constant comparison of Eminem’s 2017 to his alleged worst song ‘FACK.’ Em might be feeling as if he crash-bombed with 2017 album ‘Revival.’ Eminem is not one to give a crap about what others have to say about his music. But in the chorus, he admits that the ‘damage has been done’ and everybody should just ‘let him be.’ He cannot reverse 2017 or the album.

The ‘Revival Tour‘ was a major success in the European region.

F-15 is a type of fighter aircrafts developed in the US. They hold an infamous record of 100% kill rate and 0 losses.

Verse 2

Eminem turns into a confessional mode in second verse of “Kamikaze” track.

Eminem was a weak and tiny white boy growing up in a predominantly African American community in Detroit. He was bullied at school and he was mistreated at home. His only strength was his music, so he stuck to it. The physical battles he could not take on, he rap battled them. And he won!

Eminem calls himself the Frankenstein of Dr. Dre. Eminem joining Dre’s label ‘Aftermath’ in 1998 is the turning point in his life and career for Eminem. He has been very open about the fact that Dr. Dre is his true savior, in his career and life.

There is a lot of argue on why Eminem is at the top of the rap and hip-hop game today and yesterday. He was one of the few ‘white boys’ who made it out in an industry dominated by African Americans. But Em is questioning, is it just his skin color that made him the “King” or the “God?” Then how come the other white-skinned rappers don’t even come close to his sales?

Verse 3

Eminem talks about a wack freestyle done on Shade 45 ‘Sway in the Morning’ radio show. He could be referring to anybody’s freestyle, even his own. Joe Budden too took part in the same show with a freestyle in 2017.

The singer Cher has quite lengthy hair, so.

Richard Ramirez, nicknamed the “Night Stalker”, was an American serial killer and rapist who murdered at least 13 people in California from 1984 to 1985.


Eminem brings out a little Slim Shady in these lines while talking about his penis size. Eminem’s form of respects is his lyrics. So if you lay down sleeping, Eminem is on to your throat and you will die in your sleep.

Eminem talks about ‘views’ which could be a reference to Drake’s 2016 album ‘Views.’ Lately, Drake may have toppled Eminem with views on YouTube and such. But Eminem still remains the best-selling rapper of all time.

Marshall also brings in a little fuel with the controversy over Drake not writing lyrics of his global hit tracks. Eminem, on the other hand, composes his own lyrics.

Eminem’s “Kamikaze” is just pure spitfire response to his haters. Em must feel as if he is being triggered by everything he does and produce. People want Slim Shady back. But Eminem wants to evolve with music.

We love this new song “Kamikaze” by Eminem. The single represents Eminem’s views on this surprise album he dropped out of nowhere.

Let us know if you enjoyed this song as much as we did. Also, comment below your take on the lyrics of the song. Do you agree with our interpretations? If not, leave a comment below.

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