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Eminem – Fall (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Fall” is the 10th track on the new surprise album ‘Kamikaze‘ by Eminem. Much like the ballistic “The Ringer,” Em continues to attack the new age mumble rappers and much like “Kamikaze,” he continues to talk about his alleged unsuccessful album ‘Revival.’

A few artists have contributed to lyrics on “Fall” including Luis Resto, Mike WiLL Made-It, Justin Vernon, BJ Burton and Eminem. Justin Vernon who features with vocals and lyrics on the track has expressed his dislike towards a lyric that calls out Tyler, The Creator.


We, too, are of the opinion that a veteran of the caliber of Eminem should overlook the new age rappers, who are seemingly destroying the art in rap and hip-hop.

“Fall” gives a shout out to Hopsin and he quickly got on social media to express his thanks to Em. He captioned the following on his post.

“YO!!! @eminem thank you for acknowledging me on your song Kamikaze!! HOLY F*CK!! This is seriously the BEST F*CKING DAY OF MY F*CKING LIFE!! Not even exaggerating! For years I always wondered if you even knew who I was! God damn! Literally. The. Best. F*ckin. Day. Of. My. F*cking. Life!!!! Period! YOU JUST INSPIRED ME TO MAKE A NEW F*CKING PROJECT! Im bout to hit the studio RIGHT F*CKIN NOW! This was the motivation I needed to stay on track! Thank you EM!” – Hopsin

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Eminem talks about Drake, Charlemagne, Tyler, The Creator, Drake, Gabby Giffords, Kathy Griffin, D12, Pitchfork, Hopsin, J-Cole, Big Sean, Logic and Royce da 5’9″ in “Fall.”

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Fall


Eminem really is expressing his backlash towards the backlash he has been receiving over the past two years. He is mainly speaking about the negative critical appraisal he received for his 2017 album ‘Revival.’


The chorus of “Fall” is about Em’s request from his fans to have some faith in him. One “bad” album does not mean the end of a career, which he has rightly proven in his comeback album ‘Kamikaze.’

Verse 1

Eminem feels like he is on the clock. He has been releasing music left and right and fans have been asking for more. One bad song and the critics are all up on him with “fall of a career” remarks and this sickens Em. He has never batted an eye towards these critics, mostly because his responses just fuel publicity for these ‘journalists’ and mumble-rappers. But he feels like he has been in silent for far too long. He believes he is already too late. So now he is ‘Kamikaze-ing’ everybody in his way.

Eminem admits that he was an addict once. He had a severe addiction to prescription pills such as Valium and Vicodin. Not until the drugs almost took his life, he decided to clean his act and in April 2018, Em celebrated 10 years of sobriety. Congratulations!

Dr. Dre taking Em under his wings was one of the biggest turning points in the career for Eminem. He has ever been grateful for that, and he talks about working hard with Dre to create perfect music. ‘The Chronic’ is Dr. Dre’s debut solo album followed by ‘2001,’ which is often considered ‘Chronic II.’ On the latter album, Em was featured.

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Paul Rosenberg and Dr. Dre have been Eminem’s mentors for so long. Eminem feels obliged to ask them what to say and not before releasing a song. But Eminem is on the top now. He feels Paul and Dre would not stop him from saying anything now.

Eminem also says that he is not the ‘Slim Shady’ he used to be. The life of the party is behind him. He even attended the graduation ceremony of his daughter Hailee Mathers.

In “Not Afraid,” Eminem promises to drop the beefs and feuds as he was done with them. But in this ‘Kamikaze’ album he seems to be breaking his promise. But he just cannot wait any longer keeping his mouth shut about Charlemagne.

Em Compares New Age Rappers to ‘Hunger Games’

Eminem compares the new school of rappers to the contestants of the popular book and movie series ‘The Hunger Games.’ This is where a group of contestants fights each other in survival mode until only one person is left alive. Modern rap and hip-hop game is filled with rappers who are just biting at each other’s throats and they end up career-suiciding. They re-hash the same content, copy the styles from Migos and Drake and try to win it all.

Eminem says he has had it with all these lil rappers who try to attack him and rub off of some of his fame. Em is confident that he can take all of these rappers, at once!

Fans wanted Slim Shady and you have got him in throughout ‘Kamikaze’ album.

Verse 2

Eminem attacks on Joe Budden who made the mistake of talking smack about ‘Revival’ album even before it was released. In a podcast with Charlemagne, Joe talked trash about the album based on the tracklist. Now Em is furious, so far as to career suicide with Joe and body bag him.

The release of ‘Kamikaze’ album on August 31st coincides with Joe Budden’s birthday on the same day. He is getting spit-roasted on his 38th birthday!

Akademics is a DJ who also talked trash about the album after it was released. Akademics also reported that Eminem was caught with a prostitute, when in fact, it was a promotional video recording for the release of “River.”

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Eminem says that he will slow it down or break down his lyrics for these mumble rappers to understand him better.

Next few lyrics tell a few stories in the “Fall.” In the previous lines, Eminem was talking about taking some artists out. But he hears Dre’s voice in his head asking him to ‘hold his head up’ and be the bigger person. This also coincides with Kathy Griffin posting a picture of a decapitated and bloody head of Trump. She was fired from CNN after this outburst.

Gabby Giffords is an Arizona politician who got shot in the head.

Eminem’s Attack on Tyler, The Creator on “Fall”

Eminem calls Tyler, The Creator a Tyler who created nothing. This may be an allude to his music being not worthy of Em’s attention or the fact that homosexuals cannot create life. Eminem calls Tyler a “faggot” in this line, which is blurred out, but audible. The reason for Em to call him out is due to Tyler’s Tweet about “Walk On Water,” calling it downright “horrible.”

Em tells Tyler to be at least as good or better than him if you decide to critique against him.

Marshall also tells Tyler to get help from Earl Sweatshirt if he wants to create better lyrics. Eminem does not pronounce Earl’s name correctly, hinting that even he is not worth his time.

Verse 3

The final verse of the “Fall” aims at consolidating Eminem’s position in the industry. He tells he was before all these new school rappers and assures that he will be long after they are gone.

Pitchfork magazine has not been kind enough with ‘Revival’ album and Eminem says he might want to focus his attention on them too.

“Just what the doctor ordered” is a shout back to his single “Rap God” which produced a supersonic verse that got Em a crown on speed rapping. He says he has got a taste for revenge now. He probably won’t stop with ‘Kamikaze.’

Eminem Calls Grammy Awards ‘Parasites’

The annual Grammy Awards is usually wound by controversy due to expectations being not met. Em says they nominate the biggest artists for an award category just to get them to attend the ceremony for publicity. Then they give out the award to some new lil rapper. Em compares this to the Grammy committee leeching off of the biggest artists in the industry. He calls the Grammy Awards a ‘parasite’ who hosts on these artists.

Eminem again says that he is the composer of the lyrics of his songs. And these new age rappers who use ghostwriters winning ‘Album of the Year’ awards are not just right.

“Sheep” are followers and “goats” are G.O.A.Ts (Greatest Of All Time). He says he does not care about the artists with ghostwriters. Eminem is widely acclaimed for his lyrical prowess.

Eminem says that his motivation for music is to inspire and lead. Somewhere a kid is trying to rap to his verses and write his own. These songs are a dedication to them. The rest, including artists, he has no concern for.

In 2015, a study conducted revealed that Eminem had the broadest range of unique words used in his music so far. Back then it counted up to a staggering 8,818 unique words. This number should have improved after ‘Revival’ and ‘Kamikaze.

Eminem Shouts Out to G.O.A.Ts in the Industry

The last lines of the “Fall” are dedicated to some shout outs to whom Eminem considers are the best in the business.

Before that, Eminem slashes back on Lord Jamar’s comments that Eminem is a ‘guest’ in the hip-hop culture because he is white. But Eminem is the one who started the lyrical rap culture with Nas, BIGGIE and Dre were starting out from the African American end. Eminem is as a permanent resident of hip-hop culture as Barack Obama was in the White House.

Then Eminem lists down the artists whom he inspired: Hopsin, Logic, J-Cole, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Royce da 5’9″ and not forgetting 50 Cent. All of these artists have publicly admitted their fascination over Eminem’s work and how much he has inspired them with their own music.

Eminem’s final remarks are no matter whoever cries and moans, he will not fall…

This concludes out lengthy annotation of the lyrics to “Fall” by Eminem from ‘Kamikaze’ album. We would love to hear your opinion on the song, lyrics, and the meaning. Leave a comment below about any of it and share this article with everybody!

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