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Bizarre Calls MGK’s “Rap Devil” Eminem Diss ‘The Best Ever’

Yesterday, Machine Gun Kelly released his reply diss titled “Rap Devil” in return to Eminem calling him out in his song “Not Alike” from ‘Kamikaze’ album. “Rap Devil” is a play on words for Eminem’s hit single “Rap God.” Bizarre, Eminem’s long-time friend and member of D12, had a few things to say about this diss track released by Machine Gun Kelly.

Machine Gun Kelly vs Eminem feud started when MGK called Eminem’s daughter “hot as f*ck” in a, now deleted, Tweet back in 2012. Eminem did not respond to it then, but MGK revealed in “Rap Devil” that Diddy and Jimmy Iovine called him up and expressed Em’s disgust for it. Later in 2013, when “Rap God” was released, MGK dissed Eminem saying “just a rapper, and not a God” in a Tech N9ne collaboration.

For all of this Eminem called out MGK in his new song “Not Alike” calling him a coward for not dissing him openly. For this, MGK released the new “Rap Devil” diss, which we analyzed the full lyrics here.

Bizarre Responds to MGK About Repercussions to “Rap Devil”

Bizarre says the MGK diss was “good” and “the best I’ve ever heard.” He goes on to say that “Rap Devil” had some good bars that he respects. “But Boy!!!”

He then emphasizes on “repercussions” this could have on MGK.

“That boy gonna do you some nasty. Y’all better stop playin’ with that boy”

This is all Bizarre had to tell MGK about the impending doom that is about to hit. It is not certain if Eminem will respond to MGK. But given the latest developments in ‘Kamikaze’ album, a reply diss is highly likely.

Let us wait to see what stance would Eminem take on the “Rap Devil” diss by Eminem.

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