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Machine Gun Kelly Releases “Rap Devil” (Eminem Diss) Music Video

After releasing the audio clip for “Rap Devil” yesterday, MGK released a music video for his Eminem diss on World Star Hip Hop. The new video features the Ohio rapper topless and flaunting his tattoos while going hard at Eminem.

MGK goes on to call Eminem a “bi*ch” and “short” and “Oscar the Grouch” on his new diss track. The song runs for 4 verses with a chorus and Kelly talks about Eminem’s previous work, his upbringing, his daughter-Hailie Mathers as well.

Watch “Rap Devil” by MGK

Machine Gun Kelly is the only artist to respond to Eminem’s disses on ‘Kamikaze‘ album. A whole lot of other rappers and artists got called out on Em’s song “The Ringer” as well.

Lil Pump who got called out on “The Ringer” responded with a heart emoji captioning “thank you I deserved that.” Lil Xan posted on an Instagram story of him listening to the song with a caption that read “Diss or not, it’s legendary” with several hearts. Hopsin just straight up lost his mind listening to Eminem rapping about how he inspired a whole generation of rappers on “Fall” song. Watch these reactions below.

It seems as if a lot of artists are taking a positive outlook on the disses by Eminem on ‘Kamikaze’ album. Except, of course, for MGK who replied with “Rap Devil” complete with a music video.

Now the wait begins. Would Eminem respond or not?

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