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MGK Calls Eminem “Bitch” in Reply Diss Track “Rap Devil” (Lyrics Review & Song Meaning)

It did not take long since the release of rage-fueled ‘Kamikaze‘ album by Eminem for Machine Gun Kelly to come back with a reply diss track. Eminem called out Machine Gun Kelly on his new single “Not Alike” featuring Royce da 5’9″. MGK is not the only artist that gets called out on the new album by Eminem. Almost all of the Lil’ range of rappers excluding Lil’ Wayne gets a hard hit by Eminem and his crew featured on the album. Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” (a wordplay on Em’s “Rap God”) is the first reply to Eminem.

Eminem dropped the surprise ‘Kamikaze’ album on August 31st, which also coincides with the 38th birthday of Joe Budden, whom also is targeted massively on the album. 3 days later, on September 3rd, MGK releases his response to Rap God in “Rap Devil (Eminem Diss).”

Even Machine Gun Kelly does not hold back on the new diss track.

The cover art for “Rap Devil” resembles Eminem’s hand gesture for the cover art of “Rap God.”

“Rap God” single cover art by Eminem

Releasing the song today, MGK took to Twitter to give out his personal remarks on the song.

Listen to MGK’s “Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)”

MGK responds to the claims made by Eminem in “Not Alike” and he also drags in Hailie to the feud, which might turn ugly.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)”

Verse 1

MGK attacks the personal looks of Eminem. Em has gone without a beard almost his entire career but has grown a beard since 2016. MGK calls it ‘weird.’ Weak attack. He also says Em talks tough but pays millions for personal security. No real connection with each other.

Next, MGK references to Eminem’s track “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” from the ‘Eminem Show’ album. MGK reassures that he has considering ‘Kamikaze’ album is dedicated to attacking some artists by name and others in general.

MGK calls out on Em’s sobriety which he celebrated 10 years clean in April 2018. MGK thinks Eminem is boring when he is sober. Then he straight up calls Eminem a “bitch,” for “calling up Trick Trick” in “Welcome to Detroit” by Trick Trick and Eminem.

MGK brings up the reason for their bubbling feud in “Rap Devil.” He Tweeted that Eminem’s daughter looks “hot as f*ck” back in 2012. At the time Hailie Mathers was 16 years old. Eminem brought this up in “Not Alike” calling MGK a coward to diss on a track he was featured on by Tech N9ne. MGK slaps back at Em saying it took Eminem 6 years to come back with a response to his Tweet.

MGK Calls Eminem ‘Greatest Rapper Alive’ in “Rap Devil”

Machine Gun Kelly does call Eminem ‘the greatest rapper alive,’ but snaps back at him calling him a nerd who studies dictionary all day in hiding. Eminem is considered the most lyrically sophisticated rapper ever.

MGK screams “f*ck ‘Rap God’ referencing to Eminem’s single “Rap God” and calls him the opposite of it, “Rap Devil.”


These lyrics are MGK’s debating points with Eminem. He wants to talk about how Eminem’s go-to attire is ‘sweatsuit.’ He wants to talk about how Eminem is rich and he is still mad. According to, Eminem is valued at $190 million in 2018, whereas the same website determines MGK’s net worth to be $8 million. Also, MGK wants to talk about how both of them are single dads from Midwest region. Eminem is from Detroit, Michigan, and MGK resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Eminem has a daughter-Hailie Jade Mathers, and MGK has a 10-year-old daughter-Casie Colson Baker.

If not for these topics, MGK suggests he would size Em up and draw chalk lines around him, referencing to crime scene markings around a dead body.

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Verse 2

MGK says Eminem took shots at him who is almost twice as young as him. Eminem is 45 years in 2018 and MGK is 28.

Several years ago MGK complained that he is not able to appear on Sirius XM’s ‘Shade 45’ program because of Eminem. He is resurfacing the same claims again. He complains he cannot be on Interscope record label because of Eminem and his manager-Paul Rosenburg’s influence.

Eminem’s recent years in music have been under heavy judgment by fans, haters and critiques alike for the supposed decrease in quality. MGK builds on this premise and compares the quality of his last four albums-‘Kamikaze’ (2018), ‘Revival (2017), ‘The MMLP2’ (2013), and ‘Recovery’ (2010)-are garbage just like his selfies. Eminem is not known for taking any decent selfie.

MGK says that Eminem does not have any recent good music for him to stand witness for his greatness. He is basically “Stan-ning” yourself. Eminem’s 2000 song “Stan” speaks about an obsessive fan who ultimately drives himself crazy and kills himself. Machine Gun Kelly says this is what is happening to Eminem now.

He then goes on to ask Em to leave battling to 50 Cent and retire from the rap game as he is pushing 50 years now.

In the next few lines, we discover that things have taken a drastic turn after the 2012 Tweet by MGK mentioning Em’s daughter. Apparently, Diddy and Jimmy Iovine conference called MGK one morning and explained how mad Eminem was about the Tweet. MGK did not apologize, as he considered it to be a joke. Eminem has explicitly mentioned in his songs (Eg: “Like Toy Soldiers“) that his family is out of topics when it comes to dissing him.

Next, MGK plays on a few words. He offers Eminem a smoke but he wonders if he will choke, a reference to choking on a freestyle as well. Then he acknowledges that Eminem is a G.O.A.T (‘Greatest Of All Time’), but he is a hunter and he has this goat on the scope.

MGK puns on Eminem’s old age saying ‘the real slim shady can’t stand up’ interpolating Em’s single “The Real Slim Shady.”

Verse 3

The third verse of “Rap Devil” is filled with mockery. MGK tells Em’s fans are actually in love with him. He is younger, better dressed and better looking. It is doubtful, though, if these are the qualities that Stans fell in love with Eminem?

MGK tells Eminem is in love with him to have mentioned him on his new album ‘Kamikaze’ and the song “Not Alike.”

MGK is disgusted about the diss in Em’s song. He sees this as a way of an attempt to throw MGK out of business. He accepts that Eminem is rich and well set and he is still building up and hungry for fame and success.

MGK believes Eminem is acting like a bully in his songs. But he assures that those ways will not get him far. He references the Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ where Ebenezer Scrooge, the lead character, is shown his past, present, and future by three ghosts so that Scrooge will change his ways. Likewise, MGK is trying to show Eminem his future if he continues on this path. MGK predicts it will be lonely and bitter much like Ebenezer Scrooge’s future in the book.

MGK released a freestyle titled “Flex” in which he invites anybody to rap battle him. But he did not expect it to be Eminem.

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Verse 4

The fourth verse of “Rap Devil” starts off with abundant references to Eminem’s Oscar-winning song “Lose Yourself” from ‘8 Mile’ movie soundtrack.

MGK drags Rihanna in the midst fueling on the rumors that Em and Rihanna were dating back a few years ago. MGK says they were just rumors because Eminem was too scared to ask Rihanna for her phone number.

Machine Gun Kelly continues to bash Eminem about his success with the Academy Win for ‘Best Original Song’ for “Lose Yourself.” MGK feels as if this win fed Eminem’s ego and literal hunger through the heavy influx of fame and money associated with it.

MGK offers Eminem to put down the pen and retire. Or he wants Em to apologize for the diss that he wrote on “Not Alike” in ‘Kamikaze’ album. We all know neither of this is going to happen.

MGK again mocks on Eminem’s appearances calling him short (5’8″) as opposed to MGK who is 6’4″. Because of this he even can’t look up to Eminem, literally and figuratively.

Eminem is also spelled M&M, which stands for a popular candy. MGK stands for Machine Gun Kelly, taken from George “Machine Gun” Kelly Barnes, an American gangster from the prohibition era.

MGk says he is doing all of this to ‘feed her daughter’ whereas Eminem tried to reduce the child support funds allocated to Hailie in 2001.

MGK says he has nothing to lose in this beef. Everybody has hated him; he claims. Everybody loves Eminem, which gives a lot of responsibility for him to retain it. MGK says he grew up on his own and mocks at Eminem for having Dr. Dre as his savior all the time.

Machine Gun Kelly finally calls out on the pun of Eminem’s new album title. ‘Kamikaze’ was a suicide aircraft squad used by Japanese during the WWII. So MGK says that Em killed himself, too, with the new album.

Lastly, MGK refers back to his latest freestyle “Flex,” in which he claimed that he had sex with G-Eazy’s ex-girlfriend, Halsey. MGK threatens that he might call up Kim-Eminem’s ex-wife-next.

Machine Gun Kelly sure overdid himself on “Rap Devil” responding to a few lines by Eminem on “Not Alike.” It would be interesting to see what stand would Eminem take on this, considering he is on a ‘Kamikaze’ path now.

Let us know what you think about this Eminem diss “Rap Devil” by Machine Gun Kelly. Do you think he got the upper hand on Eminem? Or do you think this is career-suicide for MGK? Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

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Full Lyrics to “Rap Devil” by Machine Gun Kelly


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