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Eminem Talks About ‘Kamikaze’ Album with Sway in New Interview

Eminem appeared on Shade 45 radio with Sway to talk about all the buzz surrounding the release of his new album ‘Kamikaze.’

The duo goes on to speak about the reasons for dropping a ‘surprise’ album out of nowhere. According to Eminem, one of the reasons for this is so that the critics have a lot less time to form huge expectations of this album and get them blown away once released. Then these critics go on to talk bad about the album as their expectations were not met. With a surprise album, there is little to no time to form expectations.

Eminem then speaks about the massive backlash he received from within the industry for his 2017 album ‘Revival.’ Marshall believes this is due to a shift in taste in the industry, where ‘Revival’ was different from everything else and the industry loved monotonous. But he says that all the albums were one chain of events, that lead to one another.

The Rap God says ‘Encore’ is an album on the top of his personal list, beating ‘Relapse.’ He also says that he ‘cringed’ at his own album ‘Relapse’ looking back after several years. He says he cringed at the fact that he was trying to make the album more ‘serial killer type’ and that made him use so many accents.

Talking about the chain of events, Em says that he would not have made ‘Recovery’ album if it was not for ‘Relapse.’ So, in some sense, ‘Relapse’ had to be there for other albums to have followed such as ‘Kamikaze.’

Eminem Talks About YouTube Critiques

Sway brings up the biggest medium on which music reviews are happening today-YouTube. Both go on to talk about how YouTube has become a platform for pretty much anybody with a camera to express their opinions about anything, or even worse criticise anything.

Eminem straight up shoots at some ‘producers’ on YouTube who overutilize their ‘freedom of speech.’

“Now you got people that not only are doing the same thing but they do it better. But you got people who don’t do anything and are just “critiquing” it.”

Eminem says he is fine with everybody talking “crazy” about him, as that is their right. But that also gives Eminem the right to talk anything he wants about these people.

Eminem Says He Love the Rush of Being Angry

Sitting with Sway in this interview, Eminem says that he enjoys being angry as it fuels him for new ideas. And he loves the rush of being angry. He expresses his full wrath in the new album ‘Kamikaze.’ The rush inspires him.

Watch Eminem Talk About ‘Kamikaze’ with Sway

Coming soon on interview part 2…

Eminem’s relationship with Joe Budden after the fall out of Slaughterhouse.

Eminem’s reason for dissing MGK on “Not Alike” from ‘Kamikaze’ album. What intrigues us most is that Eminem says MGK talking crap about Hailie on Twitter and on a podcast is not the actual reason why Em dissed MGK. He himself calls the reason even more ‘petty’ than that.

“Now I’m in this fu*king weird thing because I’m like, I gotta answer this motherf*cker…”

So, one thing we know for sure is that an MGK diss is on the way…


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