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Eminem Returns to #01 on Billboard 200 and Artist 100 with ‘Kamikaze’ Album

While the whole fan base awaits for the apparent MGK diss dropping, Eminem’s new album ‘Kamikaze’ is conquering the music charts and sales. The new album aims at taking down many of the artists who have contributed to the loss of quality in rap and hip-hop industry today. Many tracks such as “Kamikaze,” “The Ringer,” “Not Alike” and “Lucky You” serve this purpose.

As controversial as the new album may be, it has been having quite the success commercially and critically. Many view this album as the revival of Slim Shady, but quite not. According to records, ‘Kamikaze’ album is estimated to have 434,000 copies in the first week of sales. This boosted the album to drop right on top of Billboard 200 chart, ending the reign of Travis Scott’s ‘ASTROWORLD.’

The recent revival of the Rap God has not only sparked ‘Kamikaze’ album sales. But, 4 other albums have re-entered the Billboard 200 chart, with ‘Curtain Call: The Hits’ album jumping 29 spots up.

List of Eminem Albums on Billboard 200 Chart This Week

#1 – ‘Kamikaze’ (Debut)

(Get the album on iTunes or Amazon)

#35 – ‘Curtain Call: The Hits’ (Up by 29 spots from last week)

(Get the album on iTunes or Amazon)

#86 – ‘Revival’ (Re-Entry)

(Get the album on iTunes or Amazon)

#145 – ‘Recovery’ (Re-Entry)

(Get the album on iTunes or Amazon)

#179 – ‘The Eminem Show’ (Re-Entry)

(Get the album on iTunes or Amazon)

#199 – ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’ (Re-Entry)

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Songs from ‘Kamikaze’ such as “Lucky You” at #6, “The Ringer” at #8, “Fall” at #12, “Kamikaze” at #16, “Greatest” at #23 and “Not Alike” at #24 have debuted on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Most songs will likely improve in rankings as the pending dialogue between Eminem and MGK stir up. Eminem confirmed, in an interview with Sway, that he will have an answer to Machine Gun Kelly’s diss on Eminem titled “Rap Devil.”

All of this album success, airplay, and talk of him on social media, pushed Eminem right to the top of Billboard Artist 100 chart. This chart displays the hottest artists in the industry right now. This marks a jump of 64 spots from last week on the chart. Eminem is closely followed by BTS and Drake on second and third spots respectively. However, their trend forecast is downward, which ensures Eminem’s top spot for weeks to come.

Join us in congratulating Eminem on his success on ‘Kamikaze,’ after a supposedly failed album ‘Revival’ in 2017.

Let us know what you think about the Rap God and his recent music in the comments below.


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