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Listen to the Funny “The Gummy Bear Song” (English Lyrics)

“The Gummy Bear Song” released in 2007, has seen unprecedented success and popularity so far. The two and half minute track talks from the perspective of a gummy bear-a candy made out of jelly. The video has earned almost 1.5 billion views on YouTube alone, and one of the oldest videos on YouTube to do so.

The original artist of the track is a German artist, Gummibär, who is known for the ‘I Am Your Gummy Bear’ album which includes only two track. One, “I’m a Gummy Bear” and the second, “Funny DJ.” However, his fascination with the gummy bear does not stop with this track. He resurrects the same gummy bear in almost all of his songs, before and after. However, the most popular track by Gummibär still remains as “I’m a Gummy Bear” song.

Due to the song’s international success, it was translated to over 25 languages. The song even charted at #1 on Greece’s Digital Songs list in 2007.

Watch “The Gummy Bear Song” Video

The lyrics speak from the POV of the bear and is a funky theme of self-introduction. Throughout the music video, we see the green-jelly bear dancing around the screen.

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Full Lyrics to “I’m A Gummy Bear”


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