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Watch the Bizarre Video for “Slow Dancing In The Dark” by Joji (Review)

Joji returns with yet another ‘bloody’ single and video with “Slow Dancing In The Dark.” He left off his bloody thematic in the last single “Yeah Right,” and now he is back for more. This new single and video take one more step into the bizarre, as Joji is represented as a Faun-half human and half goat.

“Slow Dancing In The Dark” appears in Joji’s upcoming debut studio album ‘BALLADS1.’ Looks like there are more ballads on the way and looks like these ballads are going to be very different. Joji talked about his fascination with ballads with Annie Mac: “I like ballads, I think it’s nice, people should get into them.”

“Slow Dancing In The Dark” is a heartbreak narrative of a failing relationship. Joji compares the relationship to a slow dance where it is quite dull and in the night where you cannot see each other.

Watch “Slow Dancing In The Dark” Video by Joji

The music video released is very dramatic. Joji emphasizes how the failing relationship feels as if going through an excruciatingly painful death. Joji also appears as a faun in the video. According to Greek mythology, fauns symbolize lust and fertility. Hence, the video could be trying to convey that his lust and greed for carnal sins got him in this deadly situation.

We hear Joji lament over how things have taken a turn for the worse in this relationship. She does not care about him anymore. She has other people on her mind. She does not recognize the singer with the same passion as she did before. This slow dance, before the dance stops altogether, is slowly killing him.

“Slow Dancing In The Dark” is a dark ballad with a powerful message. Joji promises us to bring more of these twisted realities to us.

Let us know what you think about this new song and music video by Joji in the comments below. Let us know what you think all of this means.

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