twenty one pilots my blood music video review

Watch a Tale of Brotherly Love in New “My Blood” Video by Twenty One Pilots (Review)

Twenty One Pilots have released their brand new music video for “My Blood” today. The song appears in the band’s latest album ‘TRENCH’ which managed to take the fans on a wild ride around the story of Dema. The story built around songs like “Jumpsuit,” “Levitate” and “Nico and the Niners” take a break from “My Blood.”

As we broke down the meaning of “My Blood” in a previous article, the song winds around two people who are strongly bound to each other. The new album ‘TRENCH’ also made a lot of reference to fighting depression and anxiety. “My Blood” in such sense is about standing by the people who matter to you most.

The music video released today shows a story of two brothers. The meaning behind the lyrics of the song fits perfectly into this music video, directed by Tim Mattia.

Watch “My Blood” Video by Twenty One Pilots

The story begins with showing a broken family. The two brothers are young and their mother is on her deathbed. Ever since the mother passes away, the elder brother takes it upon himself to take care of his little brother. Heartbroken and distraught from the passing of his wife, the father succumbs to drinking.

Ever since their childhood, the two brothers experience life together. In school, outside in the streets and at home, the elder brother shelters his ‘little’ brother.

The last scene of the video captures the true essence of “My Blood.” The elder brother gets beaten up by four football thugs from school and the younger brother jumps in the ‘lion’s den’ to rescue his brother. This brotherly love shows how relationships can be so selfless.

There could be a million real-life scenarios as shown in this music video by Twenty One Pilots and we would love to hear them. Drop down your experience with these kinds of relationships from real life in the comments below.

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