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Watch the Infectious “Venom” Video by Eminem (Review)

After several teases on social media, Eminem has dropped the “Venom” music video as promised on Friday. The new video features Eminem and a series of random people who get infected with what seems like Em’s music. In the song lyrics, Eminem does apologize to the parents if their kids grew up listening to his music!

“Venom” music video follows Em’s last visual project “Fall” from ‘Kamikaze’ album. The teasers seemed as though the two videos could be connected. They, in fact, seem to be linked with one little crucial detail.

The “Fall” music video shows Eminem being chased away by his own demons risen from the massive criticism received from the ‘bad’ ‘Revival’ album released in 2017. These demons are manifested in the shape of a dark, ghost-like shape. At the end of the video, we see Eminem walking over a ‘Revival’ album CD. “Venom” music video starts off with a stranger picking up a broken CD album. A careful inspection at the back cover of CD shown gives a blurry glimpse of what seems to be the ‘Revival’ album cover. So, what do you think?

Watch “Venom” Music Video by Eminem

Throughout the song, we hear Eminem spitting rapid verses on how this venom he has inside of him spreads. The music video is scripted to this idea.

The stranger who picks up the (Revival) album CD plays it on his CD player and the music infects him. The person starts rapping along to the lyrics of “Venom” as he dances and moves through the city. Whoever he touches, this ‘venom’ he has inside of him, passes on the next person. So we see a series of people getting ‘infected’ and acting bizarre before passing it on to the next and finally to Eminem himself.

On a grand scale of two music videos, the ‘Revival’ past Eminem tried to leave behind in the “Fall” music video, caught up to him in “Venom” music video.

What do you think about this brand new music video by Eminem? We believe it is a perfect match for Em’s personality and for the movie it was produced for. Drop your ideas about the song and the music video in the comments below.

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